My A-Team


Have you ever wondered whether the friends you have now will always be your friends. It so often happens that we consider friends that we’ve known for a couple of months to be “best friends”, “brothers” or “sisters” but really will it last? Well I think about it every so often cause there are people that I considered family to me but 2-3 years later, well it just doesn’t feel the same and that’s probably due to the distance. My parents told me that I’ll meet my friends-for-life (FFL) in uni, but I think may be that’s not entirely true anymore. Sure if you study in the same country but Now it’s so common for friends to leave the country after pre-u so that adds a new complication in the equation. it’s not the same now, we live in a “flat world” where we have friends and contacts all over the place, but I still believe that you need the actually physical contact at the foundation of a friendship to really be FFLs. Which brings me to my A-Team.

A crack commando unit that was separate by across the globe in efforts to get to the next level. They get together up to twice a year to rain terror on the pitches of FIFA and the maps of Halo in the PJ underground. Today, still chasing their education, they survive via Skype and Whatsapp. If any member has a problem, no matter rain or shine, as long as their phones are on ;), they will always have… The A-Team.

haha. It’s a first attempt, inspired by Vishal’s version, tell me what you think.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to these three gents, that probably know me the best on this planet. They’ve been in my life for the most part and they are more family to me than friends. Since we’ve had to go our separate ways it’s hasn’t been easy to keep in touch but once the we’re all together again it’s just like old times, as though P. Diddy told us to Pressed Play. I know they will always have my back and although they have their “driving me up the freaking wall” moments, I love em and I miss em.

I miss Vishal’s looniness.
I miss/missed Sidd’s bullshit.
I miss PG’s wit.
Among order things la.

This post doesn’t begin to scrape the surface of our brotherhood, ok maybe It does scrape the surface, and to link this with the first part of the post, I know you guys are definitely Friends For Life, I’d bet Giselle on it.

Signing off,
Col. John Hannibal Smith.



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