A Mix of Imagination and Ego.


The post below is part of my International Business ISU, it may be farfetched but I am very proud of it. I have never had so much fun writing as i have with this. My team’s company is Ace Learning Corporation (Alec). This is the intro to the Executive Profiles and my profile. This is a work of my imagination mixed with my Ego. So please enjoy.

Executive Managerial Profiles

            Differing in their skills, talents and passion, the founders of Alec are a unique team of individuals that have made an impact on the business world. Recognized for their achievements, the “Fantastic Four” (as named by Forbes Magazine) have shot to business stardom and are not looking to slow down.

From the time they met in Harvard University as mere students till this day, they are as close as friends can be and thus retain a business partnership to be reckoned with and envied by all. They still hold the idealistic visions that they had about ten years ago close to their hearts; visions that only some can make into a reality.

Alec is as strong as it is today thanks to the four of them; Tan Sri Roshan Kanesan with his magical business sense, Professor Alyssa Yeoh with her idealism and powerful voice, Dr. Soon Chee Loong with his prodigious intellect and Dr. Teh Boon Siang with the exceptional engineering technicality and practicality.

These are the individuals that represent the fate of tomorrow’s business development, I am thankful that I have been given the honour of writing their executive managerial profiles.

Anthony William Smith

Editor in Chief

Asian Wall Street Journal


Tan Sri Roshan Kanesan

29 years old

Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors.

Net worth: $ 65 million

Business involvements & ventures:

  • Ace Learning Corporation (Alec)
  • Arkay Nightclubs
  • Kanesan International Schools (KIS)
  • KARMA Telecommunications

Inspiration: He was inspired by a line from Robert Frost, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”.

In my line of work there are two things you can do, you can either go big or you go home. I chose to go big; I chose the road less traveled by.”

Roshan Kanesan is known by and as many things, a visionary, entrepreneur, genius, inspiration, sexy, charismatic, innovative and of course a magician.

A common feature on the cover of regional newspapers, Roshan has recently, once again, added the cover of Time Magazine and Forbes Magazine to his collection where he was noted as the “New Suit with a Big Dream” (Robert Green, Time Magazine) and the “Young man who could make you believe you could fly” (Amanda Stark, Forbes Magazine).  Winning the Maxim and FHM ‘Most Eligible Bachelor Award’ three year running, this man is more than just a ‘Suit’ or a ‘Braniac’, he is widely considered a celebrity, extremely popular across the region; he is a man of the people.

Roshan Kanesan was never one to take no for an answer, he always believed he could get a ‘yes’. He is known as the “Malaysian Magician” or the “Malaysian Midas” for his knack of turning any of his ventures in to gold, or in his case, a multi-million dollar business. This talent was not something new to him; it is something that he has built up over the years, ever since his first lemonade stand at age 7. Throughout school he remained at the top of his class while remaining active in his hobbies, activities and his social life. He was elected Student Council President in high school as well as the President of the Business Club and Captain of the football team. In a nutshell, he was simply unbelievable during school, and like a bottle of wine, he just got better with age.

The “Malaysian Midas” was admitted gracefully into Harvard University with a warm welcome by the dean and president at age eigthteen. It was during his three years at Harvard that he met Alyssa, Boon Siang and Chee Loong. He graduated from Harvard University with two First Class Honours degrees, economics and mechanical engineering. During his three years, he and Chee Loong claimed the trophy for the Harvard robotics competition twice and along with Alyssa and Boon Siang, the three went on to win the Annual Boston Entrepreneur Competition, 2 years running. Roshan is a very charismatic person, and so he was back then too. He made many good friends who he knows to date and was a popular figure on campus, which thus lead to his three presidencies; the President of the Student Council, the President of the Harvard Student Business Association and President of the Harvard Political Awareness Group.

Roshan started his career, at age 22, with the formation of the Ace Learning Corporation (Alec) with his three partners, Alyssa Yeoh, Teh Boon Siang and Soon Chee Long and, with the financial backing of their parents, they began they’re journey to make education borderless. Alec made the Big Leagues with the production and release of Ace Online Board (the first online student-teacher portal) and later on with Ace Online Encyclopedia. These products became the golden goose of Alec, making these three musketeers instant multi-millionaires in their mid-20’s due to the uniqueness and quality of their products. Alec went on full-steam ahead from then on and has never looked like they were slowing down.

With the success of Alec, Roshan turned his eye to venturing out to different things.  His first venture was the Arkay Nightclub KL, which became a huge success due to the connections that his man retains. He managed to get big name DJs such as Benny Benasi, Armin Van Buuren and David Guetta to feature at his club. Later on this venture spread out to Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai, Shanghai, Jakarta, Sydney and even as far as locations in Northern America and Europe. Today, Arkay Nightclubs are one his most lucrative businesses.  After the nightclubs became a success, Roshan turned his eye back to education with the formation of the first Kanesan International School back in Malaysia. He truly believes that education is the future and that students need to get out of the single system of memorization and into a system of fusions between practical education, theoretical education, emotional education and social education. Currently there are 5 schools located within Asia, the Gulf States and Australia. As for KARMA Telecommunications, it was formed a little over two years ago and with the recent takeover of Malaysia’s Digi and Indonesia’s Telkomsel, it has become the biggest telecommunications company in South East Asia.

As you can see, there is no exaggeration to his title as the “Malaysian Midas”, whether it is luck, skill or magic, there is no doubting that this man is the future of Asian business. With his resources and talent pool, there are no boundaries around him. Tan Sri Roshan Kanesan is heading to infinity, and beyond.


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