The Warrior of Lightning



So, I found this in the depts of my folders. Its a story I wrote about 10 years ago. I thought I’d share it. It’s the first piece of writing of mine that went pass 2000 words, 4000 words actually. 🙂 I hope you like it, and don’t worry if you laugh, because I laughed quite a bit reading it 🙂

I hope this puts a smile on your face,

Have a great day

Straight from the Heart,

Arkay 6

The Warrior Of Lightning
So It Begins
Jason James, a young man in his 20’s, was a scientist. He invented things that could send the scientific world sky high, but he never revealed them. He kept his inventions secret in a basement, below his house, which was very secure. To enter it, you would need Jason’s finger prints and blood sample and of course a password which consists of 50 letters. It was guarded by laser guns as well as heat seeking missile launchers.

Well, one day when Jason was looking through his ultra telescope (stronger than any other on the planet), he saw an unusual object floating in the midst of space. “Wow, what’s that? It looks like a time capsule. But how can that be? Who would launch a time capsule into space? Better get the trackter beam out.” Jason pulled in the time capsule. The time capsule was made of a substance 50 times stronger than titanium! “Wow, this is some time capsule. It’s got no opening. Well, I’ll just have to use the Super Cut-Through Laser.” Said Jason. When he finally cut a hole through the time capsule, a very bright light came out of it. James exclaimed “Aaaah, my eyes!!!!! Hmm…What’s that? It looks like a sword.” Jason took the sword which was levitating over the time capsule. There was an inscription on the sword. Jason read it out “This sword is the sword of the Warrior of Justice, The Warrior of Lightning. He who is pure at heart and only wants to protect shall unlock and activate the sword, Jason put the sword down and went to the time capsule. There was a book in it. Jason took the book and read it. It was a diary. He read “June 1768, the people of my village have found out that I am the Warrior of Lightning. Now they are trying to get the sword from me. I have written an inscription on the sword and I am going to put it in a capsule and use the last of my powers to launch it into space. Hopefully a better person will find it” The rest of the pages explained about the sword. The sword was forged by a magician to help destroy the enemy who was destroying his village. He enhanced the sword with lightning energy which would enter the person body activating it and give him super powers.

Jason did not want to use the sword. He did not need to. There were police officers to take care of the city and no use for the sword. He took the sword and put it in a super safe.

Several years later, his laboratory was under full alert. Cripes!!! His satellite deep in space had received a message. Jason read it and received the shock of his life. Cripes!! In seven years an alien race will send a giant asteroid at planet earth if earth did not surrender to them, “What! I got to tell NASA!!” Cripes!! “Wait a second, they won’t believe me. I got to do this on my own. It’s time to bring out the sword.” For the next three years, Jason built a spaceship with hi-tech weapons of mass destruction and a mega force field as well as hyper speed boosters. Cripes!! He gathered the weapons he invented and stored them in the ship. He put the sword in the ship as well.

Finally the day had come, he set the thrusters, balanced the controls, and then……cripes!!! 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…BLAST OFF!!!! The ship soared into the sky. It passed through the atmosphere while scaring a few million birds on the way there. Jason set the controls to auto cruise. And then he put in a Will Smith CD and played the track “Just Cruisin”. Ah….life is good. All he needed was a few cans of Coke and things would be perfect. Wait!! He remember, there were a few cans of
Coke in the ship’s main freezer. He got them out and things were looking good until he realized that he hadn’t inputted the directions…the ship was heading straight for Zyrcon-5!!! For those of you out there not in the know, Zyrcon-5 is the smelliest galaxy in the universe. Its inhabitants look like a mix of the aliens from the “Alien” series of movies and the insect aliens from Starship Troopers. But I’ve saved the best for last. These aliens fart an average of 567 times a day. And a day in Zyrcon-5 is about 20 earth minutes. CRIPES!!!! CRIPES OF CRIPES!!! THIS WAS THE BIGGEST CRIPES OF THEM ALL!!!!

Jason dashed for the controls. He quickly set them for the locations the satellite picked up the alien message. For the next three years Jason monitored the screens, radars and controls. He watched for a sign of the alien planet. He had enough air to last him at least 15 years. A few more days past, nothing unusual until one day …….

It was first day of the last month of the 3rd year. Suddenly, the computers went bezerk, the alien detector blew and the gatches went haywire. “Aliens” shouted Jason. “They’re here” Again shouted Jason. “Computer evase of action!!!!” Chain guns erupted, missiles were launched, lasers fired, ion canons shot out laser bombs and the Mega force field was activated.

The aliens had detected Jason’s presence and sent a fleet of warships at him. One ship fought bravely against five other warships. Jason’s ship took intense blast but survived. His weapons fired and fired. Jason destroyed one ship at a time. His mega force field survived every shot given by the aliens. “Finally…. They’re gone,” said Jason. Jason activated the cloaking device and continued his mission, to find the alien planet and destroy it! His space ship jetted for a few hours, and then suddenly, there were lights coming from a planet a few miles away. That’s it! That’s the alien plane! It’s got to be,” cried Jason.

Suddenly the cloaking device malfunctioned and hundreds of missiles were heading right for him. He turned on the hyper speed and tried to escape but before he could escape a few missiles hit the ship. The mega force field went off line. The ship got damaged badly and hurtling towards an asteroid bigger than he had ever seen. He ran to the back to, grasped the sword, raised it., but before he could activate it the ship crashed on the asteroid. Oh no!

He swung the sword into the air but before he could activate it the ship crashed into the asteroid. Smoke burst out everywhere but suddenly goldish yellowish light tore threw the smoke clearing the surroundings. The light came from a golden armor covered in spikes. Jason had managed to become the Warrior O f Lightning! On his right hand there was the sword and his left hand, from his wrist onward, was a canon. “Wow, this is cool! The power of the sword must upgrade to every new generation. That means I have alien technology within this armor…… COOL!!!!!!!!!” Cried Jason. Jason cried again “Ian am the Warrior Of Lightning!!!!!!!!!” Jason jumped up and began to fly down to the alien planet.

Jason entered the alien planet’s atmosphere within 5 seconds. He was going too fast and couldn’t stop. He was planning to enter the planet quietly but in the end, he crashed into a building causing it to collapse on hundreds of alien life forms. You’d expect him to be hurt badly or even dead. That’s what he thought too…… “Am I dead? Am I in heaven?” asked Jason. Suddenly two figures appeared above him. “You are under arrest by the order of the supreme council of Planet Zerg,” said one of the aliens. Jason said “So…. I am not dead, hey” “Well then I better escape then,” said Jason.
Suddenly a blast of lightning came out of the canon. The two alien officers were dead. “Now, back to business, better find the headquarters of these aliens,” said Jason. Then he zoomed of like lightning to find the headquarters.

Finding the headquarters wasn’t easy. There were so many buildings that he got confused. He searched the whole day and still couldn’t find it! Jason found the place to spend the night, he flew to the asteroid which he crashed into and slept.

The next morning… “(yawn) yahh…morning…at least I think it is?”, said Jason. Jason picked up the sword and zoomed down to planet Zerg. He got onto the planet within a few seconds; the minute he reached he started to search for the headquarters again. He searched and searched and the suddenly… “There!” said Jason. The headquarters stood before him. At least 400 feet above the ground it looked like the other buildings, except it had big writings saying ‘Headquarters of Z City’. Jason entered the building, but before he did that he activated his cloaking powers. He crept into the building and headed for the floor indicator. He searched for the president’s room. It was on the top floor. Jason got into the levitator and was taken to the top floor, 400 feet above the ground. When he entered the president’s room, it suddenly blew up!

Smoke surrounded Jason, parts of the building flew out and some hit him on the way. Chairs and tables hit Jason as well. His armor protected him from the flames. He couldn’t see anything because the smoke was very, very, very thick. Jason brought up his left hand and fired a bolt of lightning which helped him see better. “At least now I can see a bit,” said Jason. Jason ran to the edge of the building and jumped off. Jason soared into the sky until he was 1 mile away. Suddenly, proton missiles were launched at him, the aliens had found him. Jason dodged the missiles with his lightning speed reflexes. After that lasers erupted from the ground. Again his reflexes help him. Then Jason flew towards his attackers. He grabbed the nearest missile launcher and took into the sky. Then in mid air he dropped it on missile carrier (a vehicle that carries ammunitions and missiles). There was a gigantic explosion that made a few hundred soldiers fly and another missile launcher explode. Suddenly as he was flying back into the skies, they launched more missiles, hundreds of them. Jason dodged them again, but this time they came back at him! Jason didn’t know and the missiles hit him (oooooh, that’s gotta hurt). Jason hurtled down to the planets surface. (BOOM) He fell and caused an earthquake which managed to destroy many other missile launchers! Jason blacked out after that.

Jason woke up and found him self in a cell covered with laser bars. Jason put his hand on to the sword holder on his back, expecting the sword gone, but it was still there. Jason got up and fired a bolt of lightning. The bolt was absorbed into the bars. “Huh, what the …. What happened to my lightning? Said Jason. Jason went nearer to the bars. He rose up his arm and touched the bars. Suddenly, Jason arm was being covered by a laser. It was covering every part of his body. Jason was starting to feel weaker and weaker by the second. Jason drew the sword with his other arm, but then Jason fell to the ground the sword fell from his hand and was now beside him. He felt more and more energy going. Then everything turned black.

A few hours later Jason woke up. He got up and observed the surroundings. He was out side the fort. Then Jason reached for the sword, but it wasn’t there. He figured out that the aliens couldn’t take the sword while it was in its case. Jason still had the armor and had some power in his body, but that wasn’t enough to go through a fort covered in lasers and a force field stronger than his own covering it. He had to improvise. Jason ran towards the city. He looked for a metal scrap yard. But first he deactivated his armor and went in the city quietly and stealthily. Jason entered an abandoned scrap yard and built a small lab with pieces of scrap. A lot of the scrap was very useful. He invented weapons such as laser guns, personal force fields and many more to help him get the sword back. For one month Jason put his brain to work. Inventing and inventing. He was always successful. He stole food and slept in his lab. Then… Finally he was ready. He gathered his weapons and set of on his final mission.

Jason crept out during the dark hour. He dashed as fast as he could to the fort. He reached the fort and immediately activated his force field. He also activated his camouflage device that made him look like an alien guard. Then he got to a guard and shot him with his proton riffle. “Now to take his communicator,” said Jason. Jason spoke into the communicator “ Erm… fort, I’m going to need to go inside. There’s something out here and I need some extra weapons” “Guard 84, permission is granted. The gate will open now,” said a voice from the communicator. “Jason dropped the communicator and ran into the fort as soon as the gate was open.

Jason was in the fort. He slowly scaled the walls with the anti-gravity gloves and shoes he invented. N one of the guards saw him. Then suddenly… a beam of laser was shot directly in front of him he was spotted. Jason grabbed his laser blaster and jumped of the wall in front of the guard and shot him while Jason was in mid air, jumping for the other wall. The guard fell to the ground and Jason ran on top of him and took all his security keys and ran to the top of the stairs in front of him. Jason then jumped on the walls and scaled them again. He scaled the walls till the second floor the top floor. Suddenly a troop of guards came out of the doors below him and tried to shoot Jason of the walls with their plasma canons. They caused a lot damage before shooting Jason down and that was because his anti gravity gloves had touched an electron spreader on the ceiling, which short circuited his gloves and shoes. They shot him in mid air while Jason was falling down. Thanks to his personal force field Jason was not badly hurt but was unconscious for the moment.

Jason woke up an hour later and was trapped. His hands and legs were locked to the wall by laser shekels. There in front of him was the sword. “The sword,” said Jason. He tugged against the lasers holding him for a long time. Then suddenly, an alien came in. It was the alien Lord himself. “My name is Lord Lien,” said the alien. “So what! I don’t care!” shouted Jason. Lord Lien slapped Jason. “You pathetic little human. You thought you could stop me from conquering your puny planet! Well I’ve got you now and I am going to destroy Earth in 72 hours.(Earth time) I’ve already launched my dooms day missile. You failed your planet you fool,” said Lord Lien. Lord Lien walked out of the room and Jason was thinking to him self. “I have failed Earth. Failed my friends, family and everyone else.” Suddenly Jason saw the original Warrior of Lightning In front of him. “Believe in your self Jason, you still can save the Earth. If you just believe you can.” He said. Suddenly the Lightning armor came over him. The sword bounced around the casing it was held in. Suddenly casing shattered and the sword came into Jason’s hand. Jason felt the power of the sword once again flowing through his veins. He broke through the laser shekels and stood on the floor as the Warrior of Lightning once again. Jason ripped open the cell bars and walked out. Lasers were fired at him and Jason never felt a thing. He blasted the guards one by one with his canon. He carried the last guard and said “Where‘s Lien?” “Te… te…Ten rooms away” stuttered the guard. Jason dropped the guard and keep on walking. He walked and heard from the tenth room the voice of the alien, Lord Lien! Jason entered the room and blasted Lien. Lien was hit on the right arm and fell to the ground. He got up again un hurt and his wound was healed! Lord Lien drew out his sword. It looked almost identical to Jason’s sword. Except it was black and not gold and the powers were different.
“Like it, got it made just last week when my crew found out how your sword works. Mine is not totally like yours I changed some powers to my liking, like healing.”
Jason flew a few feet in front of Lien. He waited for him. “I’m going to destroy you,” shouted Jason. Lien replied, “Not today.” Suddenly Lien jumped towards Jason, sword in hand, ready to slice his opponent in half. Jason drew his sword immediately but was still shocked at the speed Lien moved at. Their swords came to a clash and lightning with a mix of darkness was shot everywhere. Lien was moving as fast as Jason which meant he had no advantage, every move Jason made Lien could compete with better. Lien’s generated sword was truly powerful and its power of darkness blurred Jason’s thoughts. It made him think that Lien was much more powerful than him but, in truth most of it was just in his mind. They fought for hours, Lien having the advantage with his power of darkness. They fought till they reached The Corenio Hole. A hole so deep it ran right through the planet and the alien planet was as big as Jupiter. They fought and fought, sparks flew all over them. Jason’s lightning force field was weakening and his reflexes were slowing down. The blurring of the darkness was getting stronger. As for Lien he was still not hurt, each of his wounds would heal in a matter of seconds.

Lightning used his canon and fired a blast of lightning but Lien reflected it with his sword. The blast hit Jason and he flew to the edge of the hole. Lien fired a blast of his darkness, it made Jason fall of the edge! Lien walked over to the edge and looked down. There he saw Jason holding on the edge with one hand. Jason’s sword was in his left hand, where his canon was normally but since he needed two hands to hold his sword, he deactivated it. Jason’s grip was loosening. Suddenly the word ‘believe’ came into his mind. It was what his former person would do. Believe in him self. Jason did that, he concentrated all his attention to it. Meanwhile Lien could feel Jason fighting his blurring darkness. Jason pushed the darkness from his mind and felt perfect. He strengthened his gripped and pulled himself up to face Lien. Lien took his sword and dashed towards Jason. The swords came to a clash once more. They fought neck and neck. They’re abilities and mental strength equal. The battle went on around and above the Corenio Hole. For hours and hours they battled. Suddenly, Lien threw his sword behind him and created a force field of darkness around him. His sword levitated and entered the bubble and was placed on his chest. Lien rose up into the air and darkness was being sucked into him. “Lightning! Darkness is almighty and will defeat you like it did the last time.” The landed around Jason shook violently and vigorously. Jason took out his sword and pointed it at Lien. “No! Good will prevail and defeat you Lien,” said Jason. Then suddenly a continuous blast of lightning was shot towards the bubble evil and darkness. Jason kept repeating “Good will always prevail.” Now the planet was shaking violently and vigorously. The powers of light and goodness were battling the powers of darkness and evil.

Around the alien planet many towers and buildings were collapsing. Aliens were losing their lives. This battle of the forces would determine the future of the universe. Then suddenly, both swords flew away. Lien jumped down to the ground, this battle was without swords. They stared into the eyes of each other. Body and power at ready, waiting for the slightest move. Both of them were at same strength. No one had the advantage. Finally, Jason took a dive to his right sending an electrical shock from his fingers to Lien. Lien jumped up and clung to the mountain wall and then shot a few dark shocks back at Jason. Jason immediately flipped backwards and ducked behind a large boulder. Lien used invisibility and suddenly appeared in front of Jason. Lien pulled his fist back and punched Jason. Jason broke through the boulder and hit the side of the mountain. Jason tried to get up, but Lien was in front of him ready to attack. A sudden glow appeared around Jason’s body that pushed Lien away. Jason got up and charged towards Lien, Lien jumped over Jason and fired a dark lightning at Jason. He got hit before he could turn and was blown into the sky. Now the battle was air bourn. Lien flew up into the sky. Jason recovered from his hit quickly. Lien charged at Jason. Jason blocked the hit and sent a punch at Lien. Lien blocked and blocked a few more hits from our hero. Then he held Jason’s fist and kicked him away. Lien rushed after Jason and grabbed him. Lien gathered his strength and threw Jason towards the mountain. Quickly Jason recovered and ricochets of the mountain wall and flew back towards Lien. He then fired the most powerful lightning strike. Unfortunately Lien counter acted this and fired his own equal blast of darkness. Their powers combined and sent a powerful explosion that threw Jason and Lien away from it. Jason recovered from the blast faster and found his sword in front of him. He took it and looked for Lien. Lien was some miles away; he was up and on the ground with sword in hand. Jason turned invisible and flew towards Lien, just when Jason was about to strike Lien brought his sword up and blocked the hit. Lien was unsteady and fell to the ground. Jason fell on the ground. Both of them got up instantly and jumped at each other again their swords came to a clash. They fought again, and then suddenly Jason gave a very powerful hit that made Lien’s sword fall out of his hands.
Jason immediately dashed for the sword and got it just in time before Lien got it. Jason held both swords in front of him and then suddenly a bright light came out from both swords. The swords levitated into the air and spun around at an extremely high speed. Once the swords stopped spinning they merged together and became one. The sword fell into the hands of Jason. He held the sword high over his head and then it started to glow. Lien saw this and used the rest of his power to run away. He knew what was going to happen. A wave of goodness was spread all over the universe and as it passed Lien, a glow appeared all over his body, he started to slow down. Then suddenly the glow brightened immensely and Lien wasn’t there. The wave hit the asteroid that was going towards earth and it exploded into many pieces. Earth suffered many loses of life because pieces of the asteroid hit the earth. The reason Lord Lien did not combine the two swords when he had it was because he needed to win the sword in a battle between him and Jason. If not, the universe now would be ruled by the evil and darkness of Lord Lien. Jason thought that it was over but he was wrong, he didn’t know that this was just a test and he passed it, soon he would have a much bigger task than this in the near future.

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