Tuesday “Should’ve Been” Morning Inspiration 9


Good Afternoon readers. How are you guys feeling today? I’m still in recovery mode from the wedding. Muscles are aching, probably from all the dancing, but it was worth it. I just enjoyed some Village Park Nasi Lemak and now I’m sipping on my Soy Café Mocha, thinking. I know I still owe you guys a Saturday post, that will be coming soon. Last week was full of drama, fun, stress, dancing, alcohol, music, excitement and most importantly, love. The union of 2 families over four hectic days. I have to say, that the fun was due in large to the people that were there, sporting, fun-loving and slightly crazy people, but who better to party with and have a blast?

I know a lot of the people involved over the weekend are now feeling the blues, feeling a little jaded, a little hungover maybe? All you have to do is ask yourself, were the events of the weekend worth it? Was the fun and laughter worth the fatigue and blues you are facing now? If yes, then you should be happy that is happened, not sad that it’s over. Reminisce over the memories, laugh about them, meet up with the new friends you made and make more new memories.

For that is life, we need to Keep Moving Forward but never forget to enjoy the journey.


On a totally separate note, I’m happy to say that I’ll be going back to uni on the 23rd 🙂

Straight From The Heart


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