Things are Now Different, Hello S4


Good Morning People!

Am at Starbucks Monash again, had a 2+1 latte instead of a mocha and been in a slightly blur state. Fog: 6/10

How’s your day going? Hope it’s better than mine, not that my day is crap but it could be better. Sleep hasn’t been great over the last few nights.

Anyway, to today’s post. So Samsung launched the S4, and you know what…. i like it.

There are 2 samsung’s to me, Samsung Pre-Note 2 and Post-Note 2, and the one i like is the latter. I hated the Note, was never fond of the S3, and everything before those were below par, but now things are different. The Note 2 was great, but i hated the size of it, so that forever put it out of my mind as an option, but now, in the S4, Samsung has changed things for me. I’m seriously thinking about selling my iPhone 5 and buying the S4.

Before this Samsung never made it worth it for me to go out of my Apple ecosystem; i have an ipod, a iPad, a iPhone,a Retina Display MacBook Pro, a Base Station, i love using PhotoStream and iTunes, and of course i love iCloud, but now the S4 could make me switch sides.

The first reason goes back to when the Note 2 came out, the ability to use the S-Pen to preview a folder, think it’s called AirView or something. Now I’m not a fan of using a Stylus, so i hate the concept of the S-Pen, but love the concept of the AirView, and told a friend that the next game changer for me would be using your finger instead to a Stylus… and guess what, Samsung did it, and I am impressed. That with the incredible 441ppi, Life Companion stuff, eye thing etc will make it worth it to get the S4, now don’t get me wrong, i love my i5, but the S4 is doing a really good job at seducing me, I’ve never look at any other phone in the same way, nothing has ever come close to my iPhones, not even the S3.

I’ve been reading up on how to best adapt a Samsung phone into an Apple Ecosystem, along with ways to sync it with iTunes as well as AirPlay, iCloud & PhotoStream substitutes.

The one thing that is pissing me off thought is…. why on Earth would Samsung have a giant launch for their flagship phone a month and a half before they want to sell it? why? why not take advantage of the hype? The already followed Apples marketing method and product launches, but have missed the mark with making the wait too long.

But in general, I’m very much liking Samsung Post-Note 2, they’re being quite original and bringing the game not only to Apple, but to all phone makers, including Google’s Nexus (as for Google and Samsung, i think there’s some trouble brewing there, which ill talk about at a later date). I can see how they are associating themselves less with Android, and giving Google less credit for their work, which is brilliant move on their missions to being the foremost Tech Juggernaut, i won’t be surprised if they completed sidestep Android in the future, as it is Samsung phones are known as Samsungs, not Androids. Again, i’ll go deeper into this another day.

Today’s point is simple: the S4 has changed things for me, i really like it and i’m pretty sure I’m going to buy it. I’m going to try something new, not that i don’t enjoy my i5 but because iOS is getting a little boring to me, maybe too simple for me now, and the S4 presents to me a very exciting new tech toy that makes it worth my while and effort to get out of my tech comfort zone.

But if the i5s or i6 makes me fall in love again with the iPhone, then I’ll probably just switch back.

So if anyone wants to buy my 32gb i5, let me know. πŸ˜‰

Oh, and I welcome any advise other Gadget heads & Techies, whether FanDroids, Apple FanBoys or Samsung FanBoys. Just comment below.

Straight From The Heart


    1. Don’t say it like that la Sheks, I’m still an Apple Fanboy but I’m also a Geek haha. Still love my Retina Display MacBook Pro, ipad and I want to buy a new iPod & want the new iMac! πŸ™‚

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