What’s Brewing? First Impression @Garage51


What’s up guys? Arkay back with something i’ve been asked on many occasions to do, but have never done, till now, a Coffee Place review. So please let me know what you think πŸ™‚

So, i’ve been hearing about this new coffee place that’s popped up in sunway and since i had a 2 hour break today, i decided to check it out. 20130925-221340.jpg

Garage 51 is located next to sunway university, the same row as subway. The first thing i realized is that there is a obvious Premium feel about this place, probably due to the glass exterior and shinny dual tone coffee machines. Money was definitely invested here. It feels like a place meant for older people/working-class people instead of students/young people, which i find a little weird considering how close this place is to Sunway University and Monash University.

When i go to a coffee place, 9/10 times it’s to do some work, whether it’s writing or studying, and i’m not alone in this need, it’s a growing Social Need. So I want a place with good coffee, a comfortable environment and good connectivity (LTE and wifi). 20130925-221801.jpg

On that note, this is not a place a i would come to get some work done, which means that 9/10 times i go for coffee, it won’t be here which is really sad considering how close this place is to Monash (walking distance!).

Why? Because it’s a more social environment, i’m finding it very hard to focus right now.

(note: at this point i left and finished my piece later at Artisan HQ. ;))

This was before i tasted their Piccolo, which was the biggest factor in tanking my opinion of Garage 51. 20130925-222126.jpg

I was incredibly disappointed and ticked off. For a place that has ‘Coffee Societe’ before it’s name the Piccolo served to me was incredibly lacklustre, and not at all memorable.

Really? Coffee Societe? Live up to that statement, please.


The complete opposite of Garage 51’s physical setting. Weak, bland, no distinct flavour and way way too milky. Felt like i was having a Starbucks Latte (not a good thing).

I ordered a Piccolo, not a Latte!

I’m pretty sure you can see where this is going.

Wrap Up

Overall, i like the location only because it’s walking distance from Monash, so no parking problem for us students, but a huge headache for anyone driving just for coffee. So if you’re driving, don’t even bother to come
here. I like the classy/premium setting and the overall ambiance, great stuff for socialising. Garage 51 has really good wifi, average download speed of 17mbps but this advantage is wiped out by its seating which isn’t ideal for long hours and working, which is what i do. So yea, that’s my take on my first visit of Garage 51,

did i forget anything?….

oh yea, the nail in the coffin. The piccolo, so forgettable that i forgot to include it in the wrap up. #enoughsaid don’t you think. A good setting and environment will only get you halfway without good coffee, remember
that at least 50% of the value to a customer like me, a potential regular, is derived from the coffee. I’d rather go to a decent setting with a good working environment that has good coffee, rather than an incredible setting with an ok working environment and lacklustre coffee, anyday.

First Impression Verdict: (3 different scores taking into consideration logistical factors)

– 0/5 for people who aren’t working/studying around the area

– 1/5 for Coffee Shop office people (like me)

– max 2/5 for the students and working people in the area.

It’s only getting points from me because it’s a nice place to socialise.

I’m going to give it another 2 shots, before i make my final verdict about this place.

ciao guys,
Keep Moving Forward
Roshan Kanesan


  1. Hi, I been following coffee societe since the day they opened in publika. Yes I have the same thoughts as you when I try their coffee for the first time. But after chatting with the owner, I realised that it’s the mild blend their using. If you’re a coffee lover, try go for double shot next time! I bet you won’t regret it

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