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What’s crack-a-lacking
guys?  First of all, apologies for the formatting issues, the
Wordpress app is giving me some trouble. I’ll have to get on my
macbook at home later to sort it out. Anyway, How’s your Sunday
going? Mines been pretty good so far because it’s a beautiful lazy
(but hot) day, the birds are flying high and fibro’s been playing
it on the DL today. Overall, life is looking more organised and i
feel like i’ve regained a significant amount of control over my
life and time, instead of just ‘going with the flow’ which was what
was happening frequently over the last 2 months.

20130929-145241.jpg Anyway, so what is Arkay’s Thought today?
There are plenty of things going on in my head presently but I
probably shouldn’t talk about some of them here, but I am indeed in
the mood to write, and all this rambling has given me enough time
to pick a topic. 20130929-152136.jpg

Over the last year I’ve
noticed many homegrown products; Coffee places, Burger joints, ice
cream primarily. Some have been around for a while and others just
sprouted. A lot of these places have been started by Young People,
Young Malaysians; some only a few years older than I. It’s great to
see places like myBurgerLab, Artisan& Flat White as well
ice-cream makers The Last Polka & Potong doing their own
thing and doing it well.  20130929-145618.jpg

I’ve become a fan of places
like this, opting to support these places. Grabbing a cup of
amazing Deep Dark Chocolate by The Last Polka istead of having a
scoop of Baskin Robbins World  Class chocolate, waiting in
line at myBurgerLab to try one of their “intereesting”burgers
instead of hitting McDonald’s, Carls Jr or Burger King (all of
which i was abig fan of) and finally instead of heading to a
Starbucks, I opt for either Artisan HQ in Sectio 13 PJ or Flat
White in SS15 Subang most of the time (sometimes i venture to
Publika, though not often). 20130929-150223.jpg

I started going  to
the places not because they were Malaysian or Malaysian start ups,
but because they’re good at what they do and the quality of their
products were great. That’s changed a little now, i’ve realised
that these placess are great at what they do because they love what
they do, money isn’t the sole purpose of their existence. 20130929-151938.jpg

They aren’t MNCs (did i used
that right) like Starbucks or McDonald’s who have become monotonous
vendors who are more depended incredibly on sugar &
sweetners and more concerned with consistency and low cost
manufacturing of their products rather than roasting and brewing
the best cup of coffee or making the best or most interesting
burgers.  So i guess what’s happened is that I’m moving the
support that i used to give from these Big Guns and giving it to
our Home Grown brands that not only make a better product but also
provide a bettter overall experience. 20130929-145944.jpg

Yes they may be more
expensive, but i personally prefer quality over quantity, I prefer
a better overall experience.  I’d rather have 1 good burger to
3 cheap ones, which should even out my budget ๐Ÿ™‚  20130929-152301.jpg

Also, another thing that
has happened is that these local ventures have shown me that
Malaysians are incredibly talented, they just need the rest of us
to believe in them. I’ve been exposing myself more to our Malaysian
Culture, from Music, to Youtube to sight seeing.  What started
as mere search and indulgence in great coffee has grown into great
appreciation and support for my fellow Malaysians, their ventures
and their innovative spirit.

20130929-153047.jpg Don’t let the negative image of Malaysian brands
taint the others. I’ll call out their flaws and will keep
supporting them as long as their value and quality is in line with
my expectations, if ever the day comes when i want to look for an
alternative, i’ll look and evaluate other local venture
alternatives before looking at foreign ones. (Foriegn only if i
have to or the value of the local venture isn’t worth it). They’re
Made in Malaysia, and I Believe in them.

20130929-153733.jpg (All this has also made me more aware of the much
overlooked potential of my generation, GenY, which i’ll address
another day) Keep Moving Forward  Roshan Kanesan

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