What’s Brewing? -The Jury is In. @Garage51MY #Garage51MY #arkaysthoughts


Hey guys, What’s crack-a-lacking?

I’m back here at #Garage51MY with my new regular drink of choice and a 180 degree opinion turnaround. If you read my What’s Brewing? First Impressions @Garage51MY, you would know that i was not impressed with them, mainly because i found their Piccolo rather lackluster; I found it too weak and found that it didn’t have a distinct enough flavour to pull me back.

That was 2/3 weeks ago and it looks like i wasn’t the only one that was not satisfied because they changed up the Piccolo formula; from a single shot to a double ristretto. The question now though is whether that’s enough to change my First Impression of Garage 51.

It did.

I had the pleasure of tasting their new piccolo on wednesday and immediately new that i would be coming back here again as their piccolo redeemed itself and more. It was bold, strong and distinct, just how I like it, and i could finally appreciate Coffee Societe’s House Blend.

That was my second trip to Garage 51 and they certainly did knocked it out of the park, so all that was left as Round 3 to determine whether Garage 51 would make the cut for my recommendation here, and to the people around me. So on to today’s coffee experience which entailed two piccolos, yes two.


because James, a barista here, didn’t exactly follow the new formula for my Piccolo during my second trip, he changed it up a little by giving it a longer pull hence a bolder and stronger flavour, which he told me about today as he gave me my piccolo (the longer pull one). So he prepared another piccolo, the new standard piccolo so that I could compare them.

I enjoyed drinking both, the new standard piccolo along with my “customized” one, although I prefered “my customised” piccolo.

The double ristretto is exactly what their piccolo needed to solidify it’s place in my mind.

Wrap Up
So, my final verdict? I’m pretty sure you can see where this is going.

Garage 51 is a great place to hangout, a decent place to work with good internet speeds (between 15mbps and 20mbps) with good men and women running the place, baristas who listen and are willing to explain and great coffee (in my case Piccolos). However, just as i mentioned i my First Impression, it is going to be a nightmare for people who are not already in the area due to parking constraints.

As for pricing, my piccolo cost me RM9.8, but that includes service charge. At Artisan HQ I pay RM10, not including tip (no taxes) and at Flat White I pay RM7 and tip RM1 normally. So this puts Garage 51 right between both my regular spots in terms of pricing.

Final Verdict:

2/5 for non-“Locals” (people who aren’t working/studying in the area)
Only due parking and traffic.

3/5 for Coffee Shop Office people

Very good internet speeds, good coffee, friendly staff. However can get quite noisy,seems like there are not enough power points and potentially costly if you’re going to be a regular.

4.5/5 for “locals” -Monash students, Sunway students and People working in the area.

If traffic and parking is not an issue since you study or work here anyway, then i can see no barrier to prevent me from HIGHLY RECOMMENDING Garage 51 to you. It’s a great place for coffee and socializing, coupled with staff that make you feel right at home and an environment that temporarily isolates you from the ongoing mess that is Sunway

So yea, that’s a wrap for Garage 51, I can see myself coming here 2 to 3 times a week during the semester, not entirely sure about holidays though, I guess we’ll find out soo enough. Time to look out for the next coffee experience and expand my exposure to the coffee culture here. #CoffeeCultureMY.

Ciao guys,
Keep Moving Forward


Check this sites out for more insight into Garage 51:

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  1. I am having a home made coffee while reading this. But my home made coffee is too milky and lacks oomph. (: Anyway here in penang its a great day to stay home have a coffee and read. 🙂

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