Unscheduled System Interruption — #ArtisanCoffeeHQ


Hey hey hey 😊

So it happens every now and then, I wake up feeling not-so-great. It hasn’t been a great day, but not a bad day either, woke up at 2pm and have been feeling pretty blur since. On the plus side the muscle aches and stiffness has subsided greatly, though the fatigue is still lingering around. Decided to occupy and entertain myself with the Tonight Show Starring #JimmyFallon, which I love , especially the episode with #JustinTimberlake (πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ) but nevertheless needed to get out of the house for a bit. Gonna try and add a little productivity to my day by continuing my #coffeesession w #stephencovey, maybe a little writing & some #SystemsMaintenanceNCalibration. No matter how bad, a little bit of movement in the right direction can be the start of major momentum.

Here’s to you #Fibromyalgia (and all that you’ve taught me in your own “pleasant” ways), my ongoing journey as a #fibrofighter & getting the System running ASAP 😊

Straight From The Heart ✌️❀️
#KMF guys  😘

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