FibroFlare 3, Day 4.


Hey, hey hey hey. (To the tune of Jimmy Fallon’s entrance)

Another day, another #coffeesession w #StephenCovey over an Artisan #flatwhite 😁

So 5 days to the starts of the new academic year for me, I’m not saying that I’m looking forward to it, but it’s time to get back to class. I’ve had a great (Australian) summer break and it’s time to jump back into the fun of financial theories, interest rates & the like, and no really, I’m not being sarcastic with the fun part. Hahaha. Okay, fine maybe not fun, interesting & stimulating would be more accurate.

So it’s Day 4, I think, of this latest #FibroFlare. The timing is rather good actually because this should get better this weekend, which gives me enough time to get ready for class and stuff.

Anyway…. Another rather blur day but with a dash of good old fashioned fatigue, the type where my muscles feel like they’ve got barely any energy but getting better. Spent most of the afternoon before this watching TV, I think 2 episodes of #HouseOfLies followed by the latest #Arrow, couldn’t find any new #JimmyFallon episodes. Anyway, fought the urge to just plop onto bed and watch more tv and got out of the house, hopefully to continue my conversation w Mr. #Covey. Haha.
The last few days haven’t been very productive or anything but that’s part and parcel of living with #fibromyalgia, every once in a while a slump will come around and we’ve just gotta ride it out, doing whatever we can to minimize the damage. And then when the storm subsides and the sun shines on the aftermath, we pick ourselves up & Keep Moving Forward.
That’s life, everyone has their bane and mine is this. I’ve just got to deal with the fallout, learn whatever I can & tweak my system to be able to better adapt and deal with the next #FibroFlare.

Straight From The Heart ✌️❤️
#KMF 👉

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