Another Coffee For One. #CGGMM


Another day at what seems to have become my new regular, #CGGMM.
Taking the time to do a #weeklydebrief, to think & reflect about the last 7 days. What was done, what should’ve been done, what should’ve been avoided and what can be improved.

No #arkaysqotd today, simply feeling too out-of-it to write my thoughts on a quote.

So I’m just going to enjoy my coffee in my current #FortressOfSolitude as I think about the week that has passed and attempt to survive a day in which my body seems even less able to deal with the stimuli & noise that comes with life.

Not one of my worse days, but it’s not an “ok” day either.

Keep Moving Forward
Straight From The Heart

#arkay2014 #arkay2014je #rkfibrofighting #fibrofighting #fibrolog #CoffeeCultureMY #CoffeeCulturePJ #goodgollymissmolly #coffeegoodgollymissmolly #Fibromyalgia #cafehopmy

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