Sydney: Red Fern, Abercrombie, USyd. 

Red Fern

Pride of Red Fern Cafe 

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.” #PeterMarshall

Checking out #PrideOfRedFern with @rashnith, this little cafe we saw next to #RedFern Station on the way to soundwave yesterday. Nice little place with WIFI! Haha. also a great spot to people watch

Back to this book and my incredibly slow reading pace, thankfully managed to get a focused 30 minutes reading today at #PrideOfRedFern. Part of my #FibroFighting plan to improve my concentration power & focus. The immediate goal 1hr straight.

Abercrombie Street

Kids playing outside, people enjoying the cool breeze, well trained dogs playing around. What’s not to love about beautiful, well maintained, green spaces like this? 

RBG: Red, Blue, Green.


Eastern Avenue: There’s just to much to photograph here, but then again that happens most times I travel. 

The Red, White & not so Blue Sky.

USyd, We Are Community. 


Walking down the Rainbow Road. 


The Quad: Wayne Manor?!

Back to Eastern Avenue

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