It’s been a while.

Ok, that may be an understatement, 


So yea, a writer’s block caused by overthinking about where I should be taking this site and my writing alongside a (not so) little dose of worrying too much about what people thought about what i was writing, and hence what they would start thinking about me. It all got so convulated and complicated in my head and after a while i didn’t want to deal with it and i left it be… for a months. 

Even as i’m writing this, at this moment, i feel hesitant, i feel incredibly rusty and i’m a little worried…

Well lucky i’m not as worried about what other people think now, i have learnt much through the events that have trasnpired during my self-imposed writing exile, amongst them the fact that; Players gonna play, Haters gonna hate, Heart-breakers gonna break, Fakers gonna fake,And whatever happens, I’ll be able to shake it off over time.

Oh and yes, 

i like Taylor Swift, 

deal with it.

So, “Screw It, Let do it.” 
As i mentioned, a lot has happened over the last few months, some good, some bad andd some ugly, all of which have contributed to the changes in certain ways from my experimenting with my diet and seeing good results to the de-cluttering couple aspects of my life, including some social clutter, some practices, some overweight baggage and and a lot of thoughts and issues, but of course there is always room to improve.
Damn, I’ve missed writing, 

I’ve missed the satisfaction and clarity that comes from expressing my thoughts.

The clarity with writing is different from that provided by verbal expression, it’s more “solid”, in that I can look at it again. 

But I guess they work together dont they, I need to vocalise the thoughts in order to rationalise and understand them in order to write, and writing allows me to form a deeper understanding by pushing me to explore the topic in question, and editing the writing (a part of the process in which i’ve really dropped the ball) allows me to refine my thoughts and whatever I’ve learnt. 

Oh right, I forgot to mention Consumption. Consuming information before hand that intiates the thinking and so on;  whether I watched it, read it, tasted it, felt it,  heard it etc, et al and so on.

Not sure if all that made sense or if it was well written but im gonna give myself a pass since i haven’t written in a while. 

Moving forward I’m looking to explore a wider range of topics under #arkaysthoughts such as Lifestyle and Health, Tech and Gadgets, Movies, TV and Music, Business and Finance, alongside my musings on Life and Issues. Outside of that I’m also looking to be explore more creative aspects, which will be under Studio, but more on that when I actually get started there.

Exciting yet scary times lie ahead and If I fail, so be it, at least I would’ve learnt something. I can’t Move Forward and improve if i’m too damn afraid to fail.

Reminds me of this;

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” –Bilbo Baggins-

Roshan ‘aRKay’ Kanesan

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