One More Round #arkaysVlog 002

“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can, that’s what makes all the difference in your life” -Rocky Balboa-

Day 2 of #arkaysVlog, so far so good. Got up, opened up my latest toy, tamed my beard, made breakfast, went to class and spent the remainder of the afternoon between editing, studying and TV (Castle, BBT & the Late Show with Stephen Colbert). Ended the vlog fixing a tripod and talking about TV Studies, my square posters and a little bit about fibro.

Learning more everyday,

also, for some reason, my mac is perpetually full, even though I can only account for like 80gb used of the 250. So i guess it’s time for a clean install.

Oh, and maybe the Sony HX90V haha. maybe.



Silent Partner – Pacific Hike

Silent Partner – Clobber

MK2 – Mean_Streetz

1 Comment

  1. Tony Stark still hasn’t made an appearance…

    And the music video selection for your assignment is disappointing…Bieber?! Where’s the real stuff? Like this:

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