Keep Moving Forward #KMF #arkaysVlog 4

Vlog 4

Coffee, Food, Shoes, Last Class, Coffee, Tainted Mutton & Life.

“Anyway, i hope that my writing was relatively clear, I know this is far from my best and I apologise. I contemplated not writing something today after recent standards, but that’s not how i work. My writing is also a reflection of what it’s like to be human. That there is no Perfection, and that we can’t always perform at our Peak or at Excellence. I don’t want to show you only my best sides, because my best sides aren’t me, they aren’t the whole story; and i really don’t like one sided tales. This piece is far from my best, but it’s part of my journey and a part of my development.” #arkaysThoughts May 17th, 2013.

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