No More Classes & A Fibro Flare Up #arkaysVlog 10


This was a lot harder to do than I thought it would, writing or instagraming bad days is a lot different from vlogging about it.
I feel more vulnerable,
it feels more real.
Part of me just wants to delete this vlog entirely…

I’m fatigued, fogged up & in pain,
and no I didn’t want to Vlog,
I really didn’t to (and I love vlogging),
but part of why I started this Vlog was so that it could show my story,
the good and the bad,
and the fibro fighting.

All I want to do now is wrap myself in a blanket, in a cool room, and sleep… And sleep perchance to dream.

I would like to emphasise however that I have faced worse flare ups before,
much worse,
and so I WILL get through this
and should be fine in a few days,
it’s just going to suck in the mean time.

I hope I don’t regret doing this.


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