Starting #arkaysJournal here

Morning folks,

Wow it’s been a while since my last post, feels like forever since the last time I laid eyes on this WordPress new post page, it’s quite nostalgic haha.

So as some of you would know, i started a Youtube Channel last year and was daily vlogging from a few months, then it stopped and recently i got back to it, but the format’s a little different, i’ve started including “Talk Vlog” episodes, 1-2 a week on news and current affairs, and 1 Notes On Life episode.

The schedule looks to be somewhat like this (although i am taking a break this week):

Monday: #arkaysThoughts: Notes On Life

Wednesday: #arkaysThoughts: News & Stuff

Friday: F&B review (not sure when this will start)

Weekend: #arkaysVlog; either 1 or 2 episodes.

There may be more vlogs during the week if there are events going on.

So anyway, i didn’t restart the blog to tell you out my YouTube Channel, i’m here to tell you guys that i’ll be writing here more regularly but it’ll be more of a casual, journal type entry (#arkaysJournal haha, but seriously though) and more fibromyalgia centric.

Daily wins, daily struggles, general thoughts with regards to fibro & such.

These entries will be similar to my Instagram posts that i tag with #arkaysJournal, which were longer posts mostly fibromyalgia related.

So let’s talk about the last day, which was actually relatively good, symptoms were low, clarity and focus was up and mostly stable, even though there were a few heavily tedious work tasks yesterday, i manage to get through them without losing out on my ‘In The Zone’ state or Alpha State (i hope i’m using this one right haha).

Got up at like 10am, got a quick tabata workout in, worked thru the afternoon, got back home for a cup of cha (i make pretty awesome punjabi tea now haha), did a quick 20 minute jog, had dinner with the fam and followed that up with a pretty good vocals class at 8pm (i was quite on form haha, although my voice started fatiguing after 15-20 minutes).

The rest of the night was pretty chilled, finished up the last 2 episodes of Luke Cage, powered down electronics at 12:30am and was in bed by 1am.

Woke up today at 8am, allowed my mind to drift for a bit to get out of the last bits of sleep and started my day at 8:20am.

So yea, that’s about it for the first entry, i’m trying out a new daily routine/schedule, so we’ll see how that works, also implementing some stuff i heard on a podcast yesterday about sleep patterns, but i’ll talk about that another time.

I’ll catch you guys soon, maybe tomorrow even,

till then,

#KMF People

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