Why You Gotta Be So Rude Rahul

Morning peoples,

Following on from yesterday’s post, i’m going to try and make this a morning ritual.

-if you’re getting this is your email, please please feel free to unsubscribe from email blast, just got to the bottom of the email and look for unsubscribe or manage Subscription-

So yesterday was a another steady day, got quite a bit of good (and tedious) work sorted, manage to spend some time with Vishal and even got in an evening run (2 consecutive days!) .

I felt pretty good for most of the day, clear headed, motivated, In-The-Zone. However that said, i did, kind of, sort of, majorly over eat at dinner time… oops haha. I’ll be sure to not let that happen again haha.

The only issue of the day came just before I went to bed, actually no, just as I was lying in bed. After getting in a proper Power-Down-Hour from 11:30pm to 12:30am and feeling more than ready to drift off to dreamland… I hear tiny footsteps outside my door…

Why Rahul Why.

The tiny old shitzu had come upstairs, and it would only be a matter of time before he started barking at my door; so i got up out of bed and took the monkey back downstairs.

-He tends to do this when he gets lonely, and it’s happening more often nowadays, i definitely need to schedule in some time with him after dinner, on a daily basis, see if that helps-

It was 1 in the morning, my seeming regular bed time, and I was very, very annoyed with him, but oh well, the poor fella was probably lonely. About 20 minutes and a few cream crackers, Rahul seemed to be content with life, so I returned back to my room, waited another 15 minutes to see if he would make a fuss, and then got into bed at 1:30am.

Unfortunately, that kind of messed with my plan to get up at 8am, ended up getting up a 9:30, partly due to the fact that I forgot my second alarm haha.

-First alarm wakes me up at 8am, so now I’m sort of awake but not really, but not really asleep either; and then 20 minutes later the second alarm kicks in and i jump out of bed. The 20 minutes buffer time sort of allows my body to slowly “warm up” to the world and seems to help with the sleep inertia, but more on that another time, i’ve only been properly observing this for a few days-

Thankfully my most prime work hours are in the afternoon, so to adapt and sort of maintain my current, experimental, daily schedule, I just made a few quick adjustments to the calendar, a few compressions here, a few movements there and a few cuts everywhere, and well here we are.

-I’ll talk more about this daily experimental scheduling at the end of the week-

Anyway, while it’s not optimal, I just gotta adapt so I can make the most of my day. I’m just thankful that i’m still feeling quite clear headed, motivated and In-The-Zone, and i haven’t even had my coffee yet haha.

-This morning’s breakfast was a Decaf Collagen BP Mocha, my coffee break is in 30 minutes, woot woot-

So yea, that’s about it for today’s journal entry,  I’m liking this new schedule, though I’m sure there will still be tweaks here and there; and I’m really happy with the baseline stability and progress from the last few day:

my sleep is better,

waking up is better,

energy is more or less stable,

pains and sensitivities are manageable

brain fog is at a minimal.

So yea, that’s about it for now, time for my coffee break before i get cracking on some busy work, i’ll catch you peoples tomorrow.






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