Slowing Down to Speed Up

Morning folks,

It’s day 4 of the 10/10 Reboot, and so far so good.

I’ve definitely learnt a few things, like my prime working hours are definitely not in the morning haha, it’s 10am right now as i write this and i’m still feeling somewhat dazed and groggy; the clarity & In-The-Zone states haven’t taken hold yet, and based on the last few days, it’ll start up at like 11am and after 2pm is when i’m feeling really clear and focused. Also I’m refraining from caffeinating before 11am (3-4 hours from wake up), so breakfast has been a Decaf Collagen Bulletproof Mocha.

Yesterday was good, was a late start but was good. Happy with the work i got done, my nutrition was on point, got in an evening job & felt good, clear and (mostly) productive; except for the hour or so of Xbox with Vishal & Akash, but that was well deserved fun i guess haha.

So anyway, today I wanted to write about the reasons for the 10/10 Reboot. Things were getting messy and it started to feel like i was running around, doing things, without a clean, clear direction.

Coincidentally, i got to this new chapter in the book I’m reading, Work Clean by Dan Charnas, and the chapter is called ‘Slow Down To Speed up’and this reboot is basically about that, and the book has only helped me further clarify & rationalise things.

Also, I started the reboot before i restarted reading this book again (yesterday), so wow. Life.

That’s why I did this new reboot, I needed to realign things, life was getting messy and that definitely stemmed from my impatience in wanting to go 0-100 real quick with the new phase of my YouTube venture, and yes of course the Fibromyalgia played a part in the preceding lot chaos, however if I had been more patient & slowed down just a little, things wouldn’t have gotten messy which in turn would have made it much easier to manage the Fibromyalgia, in theory anyway haha.

I’ve gotta learn how to keep things slow (not too slow) & steady in order to ever make whatever i’m doing sustainable, especially with my health, and build from there.

The problem was, I was rushing my new shows for my YouTube Channel because I think I was trying to overcorrect for the weeks & months of inactivity & slacking.

“Don’t rush; when you rush, your movements become sloppy.

Don’t panic; when you panic, you forget things.

When you find yourself rushing or panicking or both, just stop.


If you’re anxiety compels you to move, then clean.

The act of cleaning, wiping down your station, will force you to take some breathes.

Look around you.

Think about where you are and where you need to be.

Think of the next step to get you there and take that step, slowly.”

Dan Charnas in Work Clean page 139; Slowing Down To Speed Up; Chefs Don’t Panic.

I rushed, I got sloppy, things got messy, and yea there was definitely some panic and anxiety in the mix; hence why I cleaned up in the form of this reboot.

The other element involved here was I was trying to hustle, but i mistook that for rushing because that’s what I was doing:

“Are they (chefs) afraid of failure? Of course.

Are they fighting the clock? Absolutely.

But the most seasoned among them know that there’s a big difference between a rushing and hustling, between a sense of urgency and panicking.”

Dan Charnas in Work Clean; Slowing Down To Speed Up;

This excerpt above helped me separate rushing and hustling in my mind, because to hustle is to get things done and to do it well, whereas rushing was just me running around doing things less than optimally, mistaking urgency for panic as a “motivator”, and unsuitable one at that.

I thought that if i just did it day in and day out that I would get better over time, that you know, practice makes perfect right?

Enter another excerpt from Work Clean, a quote from Vince Lombardi:

Practice doesn’t make perfect.

Perfect practice makes perfect

BAM. Oh wow, just how much sense does that make. I mean of course i don’t expect perfection, but still, if i’m repeatedly  doing things well, then overtime it will become a habit to do it well, i would’ve practiced doing it well. However it I’m repeatedly doing it mediocrely, then i habituated doing it mediocrely.

Did the last paragraph make sense? Did you get what i was trying to say?


Slowing down does two important things for a cook.

It steadies the body, allowing for smoother, more precise movements.

And it helps the mind break down a series of movements into their constituent parts.

Dan Charnas in Work Clean; Slowing Down To Speed Up;

Slowing down this week has definitely helped me clean up my mental & physical spaces, it’s helped me Slow Down so that I can steadily and sustainably speed up over time and balance health, work, hustle, content creation & social elements, well.

Yes I’m still going to Keep Moving Forward, but i’m going to be steady and stable about it so that over time I will be able to progressively do more without feeling overwhelmed, anxious, messy, panicked or overly stretched.

Anyway, that’s it for today’s journal, still feeling quite blur so hopefully this post is comprehensible enough haha.

Catch you tomorrow,




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