The Stolen Tag

What up Journal,

Today’s start was a little more painful, in that my hands & feet were hurting significantly (probably from all the standing & camera holding at last night’s event), also the Sleep inertia felt a bit more difficult to beat today, but otherwise I’m feeling ok.

Now before I get in to whatever my mind wants to say, a few words on yesterday. 

Yesterday was overall good, steady energy, low symptoms for most of the day, felt motivated & was actually productive haha, both with work & editing the weekend’s vlog. However, that said, I got quite tired at like 10pm at the Art Of Time event, not sleepy, not faitugued, tired. Hopefully I was just from all the continuous standing, cause aside from the things mentioned earlier, I’m feeling ok, within the average “bands” of the last few days.

So today I was supposed to write about something else, but instead other thoughts have been triggered from last nights event, which I did vlog even though I’m on a reboot. 


Once upon a time, I had a Tag Heuer Carrera. 

Then it was stolen from me during the robbery a few months back. 

I thought that I had gotten over it, but the second I laid eyes on the watch last night at the event, I immediately felt a sense of sadness,

a metaphorical hole in my heartnext to the patched up actual whole in my heart.

Old memories popped up; a depressed nostalgia took hold. 

The Carrera was my father’s, given to my for my 21st Birthday on condition that i hand it down to my (future) kid on his 21st Birthday.

Sadly that was robbed from me, literally. Oh well. Life.

I really did love this timepiece; what it meant, what it signified & what it would’ve gone on to be.

What it was supposed to be, a Kanesan family heirloom.

But such is life, things happen, and I really did think I had gotten over it but in hindsight I guess I never actually dealt with it, I just embrace denial & ignorance, keeping a mental & emotional distance from all the things I probably should’ve felt & dealt with it after we were robbed at home.

But I didn’t; I didn’t want to add to the burden of the family as we were attempting to recover from the event, I felt I had to be “strong” so that everyone else didn’t have to worry about me & could focus on themselves or the ones who were struggling to deal with the event. 

Anyway, wow, that’s enough rambling for today I guess. I didn’t mean for it to get so deep & emotional, apologies for that. The words just flowed out the second I saw this pic & got typing.
Till next time, 


Sidenote: I understand that I am very lucky in many ways, that the robbery wasn’t worse, that I even had that watch for a while in the first place, that I live the comfortable live I do, that I never have to worry about food. There are many people in the world who have bigger problems & issues to worry about and that certainly adds much perspective to life. However, that said, while I’m not happy or proud that I feel this way about the watch, i don’t think it’s unreasonable to feel this way.

I’m not even sure if I needed to say that or not haha. 

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