Neither Good nor Bad

A good day is when I’m feeling on point, productive & in the zone.
A bad day is when the Fibromyalgia (or whatever else) is more than I can handle with my resources.
Yesterday was neither good nor bad.

Yes I was tired but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a flare up, if it was it’s a small one. I probably overworked myself in the gym yesterday or didn’t slept enough or both.
I wasn’t being productive, well aside for stepping into the office for a bit, I did absolutely nothing but watch tv & rest; and after 2pm the tiredness really set it, both mentally & physically, that’s when I knew I had to be careful if not this could spiral into a significant flare up if I kept “pushing” on & being stupid.

Thankfully I remembered my blog post from last week haha, today was definitely not a day to keep pushing on, it’s been a good week overall, one off day is ok, especially considering what’s been going on with my health & productivity the last few weeks haha.

Also, my eating times & went a bit out of whack, I switched my evening snack with my afternoon lunch which wasn’t a good idea but it was all I could do because I mis-planned & that lead to much hunger & that lead me to ending up at Raju’s for “lunch” at 3:30pm for 2 canais & mutton varuval, followed an hour later by chicken rice… yea. Not great eating right there but damn was the Roti Canai good. And this in turn lead to me not being hungry as my planned dinner time & instead I had to hot milos for supper at 10:30pm & 11:30pm. Again, not good. It’s crazy how one variable change can have such a big impact, actually no it wasn’t one, it was a few: tiredness, office, no lunch at home & even more tiredness.

Anyway, back to what I was sayin; Im not going to be complacent but I’m not going to impatient either. Impatience has always been a key ingredient in disaster & flare ups.

So yea, yesterday was not a good day, but not a bad one either. I really wanted to shoot an #arkaysThoughts On Life episode, but looks like I’ll have to keep on the break for a little while longer to get the last few pieces of the daily routine tested & implemented properly.

That said I hope to have a vlog/show for the 1 year anniversary of my first vlog this week

That’s it for today, I’ll catch you guys in the next post, probably

#KMF peoples

Oh and don’t forget to check the latest vlog, the link’s right here. 


Saturday October 8th, #arkaysVlog 198 #ARKAY 206 #KMF

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