A Quick word about Common Man KL

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In case you weren’t already aware that I’m a HUGE fan of Common Man KL, well. Yes I am haha. Here’s a quick #ARKAYreview:

CMCR has a great feel, from the second I entered the building, I immediately felt like I was thrown in the Gatsby era, and subsequently felt underdressed haha.

The black & gold gives it a Gatsby-esque American diner meets Speakasy air that serves Coffee & food instead of great cocktails & drinks.

The coffee has been great 8 out of 10 times, and good the other 2 times haha, whether it was white (RM13.2 with sales tax, black (RM9.9) or filter (up to RM22). 

The service is on par with the attention to detail & exquisiteness of Common Man’s aesthetics. 

It honestly feels like I’ve fallen in love with this place, and it’s been a while since a cafe has done that. It’s checked out all the right boxes on my list. 

I absolutely love being there, even if I don’t have any work to do or anyone to meet.

The only negatives I can think about is it’s pricing, which is definitely pricier than other cafes, but I find to be worth the entire experience, but of course defers from person to person as value is subjective, and then there’s the parking situations, which can either cost you time searching around, or money if you park underground for an extended period of time. 

The parking is RM2.2 an hour, but if you spend RM30 you can get the first hour free, but not with Touch & Go.

A more in depth review with be coming to YouTube, Facebook & here on WordPress soon, so keep an eye out.

As per usual guys, KMF!

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