My #1 Cafe toppled?

With the recent arrival of Common Man Coffee Roasters in πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ the #arkaysFavs Cafe top spot held by Papa Palheta’s Pulp located in APW Bangsar has been very seriously challenged. The question is however, has PULP been toppled since grabbing the top spot from their opening over 2 years ago?


As to the quality of the coffee, both make good to great coffee & are essentially tied, so let’s move on.

The difference between them is more a matter of “ergonomics”.

Comfort, Ambiance & Feel
The ambience and feel of CMCRKL is the opposite to PULP by PPP, the former being Gatsby-esque with an air of Class & grandeur, and the latter being more rustic, with an air of humility & simplicity. 

While both are vastly different in their feels, I love both, they’re just suited for different aspects of my life and/or personality.

As for convenience, both institutions allow me to pay by πŸ’³ for the smallest a of sums (even for my RM10 long black) , which is a significant point for me. Both are essentially the same distance away from my home and parking situation is about the same, considering how much time I spend in a sitting, with easy parking underneath (CMCR RM2.2 an hour, with a possible free first hour with RM30 spent, with a ticket not T&Go, between 7am-4pm) or in the open opposite (PULP RM7 flat), and public parking being difficult to obtain after 8:30-9am.

I do feel that CMCR does has a premium to it, particularly with food, that said I have yet to come conclusion with regards to value to price of food for both cafes due to a lack of information at this point, considering I don’t eat out very often.

However with regards to coffee, both are tied with regards to black coffee & filter coffee but with CMCR being RM1.2 more expensive than PULP on the topic of white coffees, at RM13.2 (including a 10% Sales Tax, no GST yet). So a CMCR definitely looks to be more pricey for white coffee folk.

Customer Service
Simple, I have yet to have a bad experience at PULP or CMCR (but here it’s still quite early).

So if they’re both tied for most of my judgement factors, then who takes the top spot then?

Simple, it’s comes down to the Comfort, Ambiance & Feel factor. 

While I like both feels, my “utilisation” of those feels vary and is crucial to my decision. 

CMCR provides an ambiance that allows me to do be productive, in that I feel I enter a “Zone” state with more ease & do better writing, thinking, development of ideas & just a better general feel of productivity. As to why that is so, I attribute that to its spaciousness, natural lighting from three sides & what I can only describe as a a Productive Feel.

Where as PULP has the opposite effect of relaxation & chill-ness. It’s a great place for Socializing (well CMCR too I guess) but I feel like I’ve never been able to do good thought development & writing at PULP, but in the last 2 weeks of CMCR I’ve been very pleased with the development of thoughts & the subsequent writing of said thoughts.

So with that, the #arkaysFavs Number 1 spot is now held by CMCR, due to a very personal & intangible factor that will of course defer from person to person.

So on that note, I’d love to know what you guys think?

Here is my Quick Review of CMCR

Thanks for your time & attention, 

And as per usual, #KMF guys


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