Income Tax 101 – Breaking It Down

A few week back I spoke to Dr Veerinderjeet about everyone’s favourite financial topic, income taxes.

Veerinder helped to clear up some of the complexity in the system, from what makes up chargeable income to what you need for an audit.

I also asked him to breakdown the differences between deductions, reliefs and rebates in the hopes of clearly delineating those terms.

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Najib’s RM1.5B Tax Bill, Getting Audited and the Special Voluntary Disclosure Program

What do you need to know about getting audited, keeping documentation and the Special Volunteer Disclosure Program?

I spoke to Thaneermalai of Thannees Tax Consulting Services to help clear up these issues.

We also spoke about Dato Seri Najib Razak’s recent RM1.5 billion tax bill.

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