Decisions, decisions.

Good Morning dear readers! 🙂 how are you guys doing today? The last day of the work week for most. I’m feeling a lot better after my Day Off, and today I’ve got work! So I’m chilling at Starbucks now with my good friend Café Mocha, and today we’re going to address the dilemma that is making a decision. This pot is dedicated to one of my friends, he/she spurred this idea in my head a couple days back.

Decisions, decisions… There are so many choices in life now, which means there are so many more decisions to make. Some are vital, others not so. But every decision you make in your life should be yours. Not what someone else has told you to do.

As Bon Jovi said, “it’s my life.”

Asking others to make a decision for you is to excuse yourself from taking accountability and responsibility for the decision. You are putting your life in someone else’s hands. Does that sound right to you?

Act on life, don’t let life act on you.

But so many don’t want to make decision because they actually don’t know what they want from life. They haven’t really thought about it. And this is where I come to a very important point, Make the time to think. It will help you get clear on what you want and as Robin Sharma says, “Clarity Breeds Success.” Go and set up A Room of One’s Own

By getting clear on what you want out of life, you’ll heighten awareness around what’s most important. With better awareness comes better choices. And with better choices you’ll see better results. Robin Sharma

Take out your journal and write, just pour out your thoughts. Dump your worries so that you can unclutter your mind, make some room to think and make decisions. Enact Ghost Protocol, take some time on Saturday morning to do some reflecting on your life (Saturday Morning Reflections) (Saturday should have been morning reflections), face the fears you’ve been running from (Facing Fears = Power), and whatever happens, Keep Moving Forward and remember that Small Daily Improvements will Lead to a stunning Results

And don’t say you don’t have time to think, cut out some tv time, because too many of us watch too much tv.

We want someone else to make the decision so that if things go wrong, you can say, “It’s not my fault, I didn’t even want to do this, it wasn’t my idea.” but you know what, blaming others is only excusing yourself. Take responsibility for your own life, make YOUR own decisions, and whether your fail or fly, to will be because of no one but you. I’m not saying don’t ask for advise, by all means consult others, I do it all the time, but the final decision should be yours.

And if all else fails, then ask the Steve Jobs question. I know it’s not completely practical, but I can definitely help in some situations. It help Steve , meet his wife.

If today were your last day, would you do what you are about to do today? Steve Jobs

And remember,

“Success doesn’t just occur, it’s a project that is worked on each day.” Robin Sharma

You’re going to make mistakes in your life, so why not make sure their actually YOUR mistakes, so that at the end of your life you can say, ” I lived MY life, not his or hers or yours or their, I lived my life.” be responsible for your life. Take accountability for your life.

And you know what, not only will Jon Bon Jovi be proud, you’ll be proud of yourself.

Straight From The Heart,



Of Conversations & Story Telling


Good Morning 🙂

I hope everyone is doing ok after the weekend. Yes it’s Monday and the start of another work week, but remember, you are in charge of how you feel. It’s hard, but try to be positive this manic Monday.

I’m not working today, worked the past three days at Machines. I’m loving the job but my legs might not feel the same way, feeling pretty tired today, woke up at 8 and didn’t go for a swim. Yea, but I’ll do it tomorrow! Well, now my good friend Cafe Mocha is keeping me company here at Starbucks as I think of something to write about today 😉

I got it, today I’m going to write about reading.

I know a lot of you are going to be, “but I got no time to read” or “I don’t like reading” or whatever other excuses there are. Whether your want to read is up to you (unless you’re my little brother) but the benefits are very much underrated. I would like you to check out the quote below please,

“a mind once stretched by a new idea can never return to its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

Think about it for a second. I love watching tv but really, after a while I start thinking to myself, ” how does this benefit me?”. Sure a little tv a day helps me unwind, but really, do we stop at an hour? Reading a good book, or a good magazine exposes us to ideas and stimulates our minds. Reading a good biography is like having a conversation with the author. And we all need such conversations to keep out minds sharp.

“Drink Coffee with Gandhi.” Robin Sharma

“Reading a book by someone you respect allows some of their brilliance to rub off on you.” Robin Sharma

One of the main factors in my tremendous recovery over the past few weeks has been reading. My in depth conversation David Schwartz about The Magic of Thinking Big revitalised my spirit and further conversations with Robin Sharma and Richard Branson further fuelled my spirit. They have exposed me to so many new concepts and ideas that have opened my mind up. They have been the main inspiration behind a lot of my articles.

My Top List of books to read
1. 7 habits of highly effective teens – Seaon Covey
2. Screw it Let’s do it Expanded – Richard Branson
3. Tuesday with Morrie
4. the Greatness Guide 1 & 2 – Robin Sharma
5. The Magic of Thinking Big – David Schawrtz
6. Your Money Ratios- Charles Farrell

And when it comes to reading, I have nothing against story books, but try to mix it up with good books that will help you grow. Autobiographies. Personal development books. Etc. of course there are story books that help you grow as well, by all means go for it, but don’t forget to make time to have a conversation with someone like Gandhi or Martin Luther King or Richard Branson. And by all means mix it up with having JK Rowling or Rick Riordan tell you a story, because having conversations with only certain people will add a certain monotony after a while.

So anyway, go and start that book you’ve been procrastinating about. Don’t start any new tv shows! And hey, if you’ve got nothing on your book shelf, take a look at my list above.

Have a great day,

Straight From The Heart





A Room of One’s Own

Good morning everyone! I’m just feeling so damn pumped up, was listening to Flo Rida’s Good Feeling all the way to Monash and boy was it an amazing drive here. Thanks to my baby, Giselle, love you.

First of, I’d like to thank all of you for reading what I write on this little site of mine. It’s so amazing how just over 10 days ago I had less than 1000 all-time views and now it’s 2349. Thank you, you guys have been amazing!

Anyway to the topic of the day, A Room of One’s Own. I came across the term I while reading Robin Sharma‘s The Greatness Guide Part 2, and he attributes it to Virginia Woolf.

“Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.” Martin Luther King Jr

Now what i think Robin meant through this idea is the concept of having your OWN space. It doesn’t have to be a physical space, but just a space in our head for you to be alone. For you to do your own think. Analyse your life, evaluate where you’re going, whether you’re in line with you values…. Reflection. I cannot emphasise this enough, it so so very important for everyone to do this. Having this time to think, it can be done anywhere as long as you’re comfortable and like it, whether it’s in the car, in your room, Starbucks, and so on. It’s just aye an hour of your day, preferably in the morning, for you to think.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” Steve Jobs

So many of us are busy being busy, do you want to end up climbing the wrong mountain? Doing all that work for the wrong goal? That’s why this concept is so DAMN important. It’s a time when you walk away from The world, a time you find to avoid any and all distractions. You’ll be amazed at where your mind will wander of to. This little bit of your day will provide you with so much clarity that will definitely make you’re life easier, less clumsy, cluttered and messy.

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” Henry Ford

It won’t happen instantly, it’ll take time. Start by getting a journal, I use a Moleskine one cause I want it to last,and it looks good :), but you can use any book. Just leave it open in front of you with a pen in your hand. Listen to some chilled out music, or a motivational/inspirational podcast, and let your mind run free. Here are somethings to help you out.

Think about:
1: where do you want to be in a year.
2: what are your top 5 priorities.
3: what is your Genius? Your talents, skills, wtc
4: what are your top 5 values.
5: talk to yourself via writing.

I know that you probably dont have any reason to take my word for it, but please trust me, it has done wonders for me in the past 3 weeks. I was in such a shitty place a couple weeks back, and now I’m blogging everyday, waking up early, swimming, reading an hour a day, watching a lot less TV, making more friends… All these things I’ve been blogging about have made a world of difference to me… This could be my second coming? Steve jobs, Howard Schultz. 🙂 read my previous post A Rekindled Spirit.

“When the mind is thinking it is talking to itself.” Plato

Another point I must emphasise, ELECTRONIC BLACKOUT. I love gadgets, I social media, I love my iPad and I love my iPhone. But when it comes time to think, put them away. Don’t reply messages, don’t check FB, don’t tweet, don’t read emails, just think. In fact, do this when you’re socialising as well, but I’ll address that in another post.

Turn off everything, Go Ghost Prototcol, Go Dark, Go Covert Ops, Go Black Ops, Go Ninja.

When you’re in your Room of Your Own, Go dark. Tell all your emails, texts, notifications etc that you would like an hour break. That’s why is a lot better to do this in the morning. I like doing this at about 6am, like what I did today. my aim: 5am Thinking Time by the time I start university again. I’m not asking you to wake up at 5 or 6, but the Earlier it is, the less the potential distractions, which will make your Thinking Time more effective. But please, make sure you sleep enough. Don’t skimp on sleep, you can do it for the short term, like a week before an exam etc, but never for long periods, I wrote about this in a previous post, Waking Up Early & Sleeping Well and also check this one out, Getting to Greatness without Burning Out

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”

Clarity leads to Awareness leads to better Results. Robin Sharma

Have a Great Day Ahead,

Straight From The Heart

Arkay 6



Heart Appeal & Brands


As much as some companies would love customers to use their heads, most use their hearts

What do the biggest brands have in common?

A customer-fan base. Loyalist. Supporters.

The brand appeals to their emotion, their hearts and then their heads. Whether it’s environmentally friendly products, cool products, a great environment, or top-notch staff. Brands like Apple, Virgin, Body Shop & Starbucks have learnt that most people buy with their hearts first before their heads. Hence the Apple Fanboys & Starbucks loyalists. I’ve talked about Apple products before, so let me talk about Starbucks… Why do I come here almost everyday and pay a little more than 10 bucks for a drink?

1. The Cafe Mocha is awesome
2. The staff is so damn friendly and are great talk to. They remember your name, they make an effort to make you feel appreciated.
3. The have a great environment here. The slight feel of humanity through the buzz of conversations slightly drowned out by the delightful and great music they play. It just has such a nice feel; a comfy setting, plug points every where. They make you feel at home.
4. The pride themselves on being socially conscious, more specifically environmentally conscious. They practice Earth Hour and I just saw this sign on their counter about a waterfall clean-up tomorrow organised by them. They encourage you to use reusable tumblers, yes you need to buy theirs, but you get a 2 buck discount if you bring it and use it. So over time, if you are a regular, you’ll cover your “expenditure”. Amazing.

Starbucks doesn’t just appeal to me, it appeals to million in the country and many more across the globe.

Anyway, this isn’t about Starbucks but about how to become a great brand. Like Apple, Body Shop, Starbucks & Virgin.

As much as people say we should shop with our heads, we really love the brands that appeal to our hearts.

“business is in so many ways is about love. Think about it. Success comes by treating your customers with love. Acclaim comes by doing your job with love. Market leadership comes with selling your wares with love. If your customers only like you, you are vulnerable to losing them when a competitor with a cheaper product or a more economical service comes along. Why? Because you’ve failed emotionally. Connect with them. because when customers love you- because you’ve touched their hearts but the way you occur in their lives – you become a part of their extended family. You’re now part of their community. They become loyal. They tell the rest of the family about you. And they’ll take good care of you should times get tough.” Robin Sharma, the Greatness Guide

Straight From The Heart








Small Daily Improvements Lead to Stunning Results



Good morning again,

I was just watching one of Robin Sharma‘s Vlogs and came across this:

“Small daily improvements overtime lead to stunning results.” Robin Sharma

He makes such a good point, we underestimate the importance of daily improvement and practice. No matter how small the progress, daily progress eventually builds up a momentum that will propel you further forwards. W just have to keep moving forward.

“The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.” Confucius

Once we “Just do it” and get something started, we just need to keep improving on it, a 1% daily improvement is better than a 10% gain one day and then being stagnant. Daily improvement will lead to breeding a great habit, daily practice.

Practice is so incredible important in our journey to achieve greatness, in a our attempts to climb mountains, cross rivers, you get the picture. If we do not practice, how do we expect to achieve results & goals?

All experts began as amateurs, all geniuses began as beginners.

Over the past week or so I’ve been focusing on a few things.
1. Waking up at 7
2. Swimming first thing in the morning
3. Blogging daily
4. Reading for an hour daily
5. Sleeping well

I didn’t achieve all this on the first day, but over the past 10 days I have seen great results, it just took daily improvements. I started by waking up at 8:30, and then 8:15 etc. I started my morning swimming by swimming 5 minutes the first time, and now I’ve progressed to 20 minutes and doing it at least 5 mornings a week. The blogging, well you know that story. The reading has been pretty steady, an average of 45 minutes a day now. And I’ve made it a point to go to bed by 10:30 everyday, so that my sleep cycle is readjusted, and the adjustment is indeed happening. I find myself feeling more refreshed in the mornings, and wanting to sleep at around 10. Next week I’m. Going to try waking up at 6:30, let’s see how that goes.

Anyway, I hope you get my point, daily improvement. Tattoo that on your brain. Before going to bed, take your journal and write about the things you did well, the things that weren’t so brilliant and the ways you can’t make tomorrow better. It set’s your actions in alignment with your goals. Don’t be busy being busy, don’t work so hard climbing the mountain only to realise that you climbed the wrong on. We all have limited time in a day, be smart about it.

Improve daily, be in line with your vision, put more living in your day.

Straight From The Heart

Arkay 6



5 things to be Grateful for this Monday Morning


Good morning again!

My second post on this cool Monday morning,

I know a lot of people will be feeling the Monday Blues, especially since this morning was such awesome weather to sleep in but don’t wake up in a bad mood. I used to and It didn’t help my day at all.

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” – William Penn

Waking up on the wrong side of bed is an excuse we give ourselves to feel like shit and be grumpy for the day. There are plenty of things to be grateful for today and everyday and this is very good practice for everyone, it has helped me a great deal in the past few weeks (thank you Robin Sharma). Wake up in the morning, think about 5 things you are grateful for, whether it is a great family, a job, a car or just that the sun is shinning. It really does help, take it from me. Have a journal and write it down, it doesn’t have to be a book, I use my iPad and iPhone. Another thing I do every morning is I read my favourite quotes which I have pasted on my wall, I call it my “Daily Wall Reading” and it helps me feel great,motivated and inspired every morning.

“Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” – Dr Seuss

The difference between waking up on the wrong side of bed and on the right side of bed is how you want to wake up. The above methods sound cliche and cheesy but they helped me get out of a very dark place and help me stay away from the dark place. If it helped me, it can help you and c’mon, no here no harm in trying, is there?

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

I am grateful for:
1. A family that loves me and believes in me
2. I was able to wake up this morning without feeling like I was run over by an 18-wheeler
3. The brilliant cool air that invigorated my soul
4. The responsibility of having little brother that has helped me mature and develop.
5. The people (you) who have supported my blog and help me feeling great, everyday.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

I’ll post pics of my wall reading later.

Have a great Monday and a great week ahead!

Straight from the Heart,

Arkay 6





Getting to Greatness without Burning Out

Good morning everyone, I hope you are having a great “Star Wars” day, may the 4th be with you.

Today I’m going to talk about how to reach your goals without burning out; very much inspired by Robin Sharma.

Robin calls it “Strategic refuelling”. It basically means taking a break after an intense sprint of hard work and excellence. Too many of us work too hard and don’t take the appropriate enough of rest to compensate for it. That is a life out of sync, out of balance and can only end in disaster. We need to refuel, take a break… Rest. Rest is way too underrated.

I heard this on one of Robin’s podcast,”life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon”. Bullseye.

We can all achieve greatness if we want too, and join the pantheon of The Crazy Ones, but we must manage ourselves well. All The Crazy Ones took breaks to recharge, Branson had an island and Jobs had his retreats .

I learned this the hard way when I toasted my health and burnt out. That was more than 2 years ago, and I’m still recovering (but doing much better). We take our health for granted until we lose it. Please trust me when I say, nothing is more important than your health. Please please please, take this to heart. There’s no point being rich but sick and not being able to enjoy the spoils of your labour.

Always try your best and reach for the stars, but make sure you take breaks and rest up. Sleep well, eat well, exercise and have fun. Take a few days off after an intense project, you earned it. Take a trip to the beach after busting your ass off in work. Treat yourself to a vacation when you achieve a goal.

Strategic refuelling, one of the major keys to excellence, prolonged achievement and greatness.

Straight from the Heart,

Arkay 6




Fear is other ultimate enemy of progress, of change, of the human race. As crazy as this sounds we must, as Robin Sharma says, run towards our fears instead of running away from them.

The fear to give a presentation or bid for a project is real, and it isn’t all bad, it makes us realise how important the task at hand is and in this scenario can help us, but a lot of the time fear causes us to run away from a task or delay or procrastinate because we don’t want to experience the feeling or we’re just scared of failing. But what people who succumb to fear don’t know, or forget, is that the more you give in to fear, the more power you give it and this will only be detrimental to your own growth and makes whatever potential you have, the potential you had.

Embrace the fear you have, acknowledge it, it’s real don’t pretend it isn’t, but instead of letting it win, you go ahead and stare that fear in the face and show it who’s boss.

Embrace the butterflies in stomach before a presentation and then go out there, just do it. Once you’ve already done all you can to prepare, all that’s left is to do it. Preparation is vital but doing the action is what really matters.

Doing what you most fear is the first step to annihilating that fear, yes you might fail but that’s better than living in the shadows of your fears, because you can always pick yourself up and try again.

Prepare, do your best work and then face you fears, because even if you fall, you’re one step closer to beating that fear and one step closer fulfilling your potential. We all want to be great at something, and facing fears is going inevitable in that pursuit.

Look at the Crazy Ones, they didn’t let fear paralyse them into inaction or turning back.

Straight from the Heart,