Christmas Colonisation

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Hey Guys, hope everyone is having a good Sunday,

I’m having my Latte as I’m surrounded by movement, lots of movement. Around me sit others who are taking a break from the crowd in the mall, taking a break from the rush of movement. Today’s immense mess is probably due to the fact that it’s a long weekend and that school holidays have just started, and in line with Malaysian style, people have rushed to the malls. I’ve never been a big fan of malls, sure I like to spend a day there once in a while (monthly etc) but I can’t see myself making it a weekly occurrence, or maybe not weekly whole day affairs.

Anyway, looks like Christmas has colonized Diwali here in Malaysia. I’m having my latte at Starbucks and the Christmas theme is very much in my face. I am reminded of this FB post I read a day or two back; how Starbucks has set up for Christmas without even waiting for Diwali to end. The best part, it’s not just Starbucks, it’s CBTL as well and I’m sure a few more of these international coffee franchises. I understand the need to set up for christmas, it is the most profitable and commercial of all the festivals celebrated here, I think, but couldn’t you guys wait a little while longer before cashing in? Couldn’t Starbucks, more domestically than internationally, have just waited a little while longer? I’m not asking for a Diwali themed drink, just asking you guys, my favorite coffee franchise/place/spot to just respect Diwali enough to not completely ignore it’s existence and plaster christmas all over it. I expected better sense, didn’t think that they were this ignorant, especially with Starbucks pushing into India I would have expected them to be more aware of indian culture in general.I don’t need you to celebrate it with us, but I would like Diwali not to be cast aside like it doesn’t matter, this doesn’t happen with Ramadan or CNY. I know Christmas is an important commercial season, but I’m sure all of you guys based here, not just Starbucks, could have waited a little while longer before bringing out the candy canes and christmas trees.

I love Starbucks, but I’m now dissatisfied and disappointed. I don’t know whether this is a recurring thing because I only became a regular Starbucks customer this year, but I really hope you guys, and others, don’t repeat it. Don’t disregard our celebration by choosing to layer christmas over it, find away to make this a win-win, (maybe a hybrid Christmas-Diwali theme until Diwali is over?) because honestly, as a Malaysian of Indian ethnicity, I felt unwanted when I entered Starbucks today, didn’t feel at home like I used to before, didn’t feel as comfortable, and all that is a big part of why I come to Starbucks. I’m sure ill get over this sooner or later, and I’m sure others will too, but don’t take this dissatisfaction and disappointment lightly because one day it could bite you in the ass, not just Starbucks, but too all you others who have chosen to overlap Diwali with Christmas.

On another note, I wish everyone who celebrates this festival of lights a Happy Deepavali/Diwali!

Straight From the Heart


One thought on “Christmas Colonisation

  1. Good one Roshan, for this is simple, just like how they don’t care, I too shall remember this ignorance from them and like wise ignore their business, just like how IKEA, Metrojaya and Sunway has chosen not to spend their marketing dollars on Deepavali, I too will choose not to invest my dollars in them, of course we are probably not a key public for them but down the road when the economics change, I shall remember this day.

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