QOTD 29/6/4 – Accepting Responsibility – #Thursdvys


#ArkaysQOTD #Thursdvys

“Accept responsibility for you life.
Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go.
No one else.” -Les Brown-

The most important thing I’ve learn is this. Accepting responsibility for my life been key to the progress I’ve made over the years, has been key to my recovery. I try my best to take stock of the situation and act on it. With my running, if there was a set back it was due to either my inability to deal with stress or my inability to pay the price for exerting myself. So the I figure out how I can handle it better, how I can do it better. And if I fail again, so be it, I’ll try again, I’ll try better. Find better ways, more effective ways, experiment. I’ve suffered a lot of pain and set backs on the road from 10min walks to 35-45min 7’15” runs, but it was worth it, and only possible because I took power away from my condition and took responsibility by doing the best with what I had, and growing from there.

Keep Moving Forward

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