QOTD 29/7/14 – Tough Times – #RekindleSS2


#ArkaysQOTD #RekindleSS2

“Tough times don’t last,
Tough people do.”
-Robert H. Schuller-

The last few days have been really tough, just so tired, foggy & in more pain than normal… Just generally feeling beaten down but still trying my best to keep up appearances & a smile, so instead of physically representing how I am & feel, I find it easier to write. A loophole of sorts.

Maybe it’s because it’s something that I can go back to and read, maybe because I’m able to share it (with the people around me & people who can relate and have their own similar fights & struggles) without having to repeat my long convoluted story or maybe it’s just because I’m more comfortable writing about this than I am speaking about this. Whatever it is, it helps… I think.

Anyway, tough times have arrived and like before I’ll just do what I can to weather it, take it a step at a time and hopefully I’ll come out of this sooner rather than later.
Classes have started and I would really like to avoid going behind so early in the semester, but then again, maybe with this happening now, it won’t happen during a more crucial period in the semester? Haha, yea that’s just speculation.

Anyway, as per usual this has been Straight From The Heart.
I will always try to Keep Moving Forward, even if the pace is much slower than I would like it to be, I hope you guys are too.
#KMF guys

Pic taken & edited by @_emilyec because I just couldn’t take it right haha and the perfect latte art by our dear barista @aegou from #RekindleSS2.

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