QOTD: Marc And Angel, WIP, #HouShuen

“You are a work in progress; which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once. You may not be where you want to be yet, but look how far you’ve come, and be grateful that you’re not stuck where you once were.” Marc And Angel

Quite the timely reminder for the (not so) start of 2015. Makes me remember how bad things once were and hence grateful about how far I’ve come fighting #fibromyalgia. The last few years have indeed been a roller coaster but overall the “line of best fit” is sloping upwards and that in itself is quite the personal victory.

Perhaps I should have read this towards the end of 2014, maybe then I wouldn’t have overly pushed myself in certain areas to “get there all at once” and then maybe the major Dec’14 flare up wouldn’t have happened. Oh well, could’ve, would’ve, should’ve but didn’t. All that can and will be done is to learn again from last months stupidity and Keep Moving Forward, a little at a time. What was that #robinsharma phrase I always liked, ‘small daily wins turn into stunning results over time’ or something like that. ☕

️On another completely different note, just bumped into a new cafe along Jalan Gasing, I can’t speak for the rest of items on menu but as of now I don’t think I’ll ever come back here for coffee despite the RM8 price tag. Though I will probably come back to try the brownies and/or home made #NasiLemak. ☕️

Anyway till next time I decided to contemplate life and type out my thoughts,
peace out & #KMF

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