About Me

The Short Story

I’m currently a Financial Planner and trainer with Jirnexu Advisory, but before that I was a Radio Broadcaster with BFM 89.9, Malaysia’s premier business and current affairs station. I was a Producer/Presenter for The Morning RunRinggit & Sense, and BFM’s flagship programme, The Breakfast Grille.

This blog was initially about life and my personal journey, but now I’ll be focusing on my particular interest in personal finance and money, with some occasional general thoughts on life.

The Longer Story

This site was started in 2012 as personal outlet during the early days of my Fibromylagia. This changed over time as it gained traction with others who were able to relate as they faced their own challenges and struggles.

This later took a backseat as I moved my primary writing and sharing over to Instagram, which was essentially a mini-blog at the time. I shared #fibrofighting related content and daily updates of my journey while also sharing other parts of my life— to show people that I was not, and am not, defined by my condition.

My media journey took a turn in late 2015 when I started arkaysVlog and took a dive into the world of YouTube; inspired by a combination of Casey Neistat, John Oliver and a desire to explore media beyond words and photos. Little did I know that this would further cement my interest in media and content creation for a living.

arkaysVlog was retired in early 2017 as the the vlog-style content was meant to force me to learn simple video editing, get used to talking to a camera, and explore YouTube. It was time to utilise my recently-minted business degree, and venture into creating business and current affairs-related content, which eventually lead me to BFM.

I started my internship at BFM in September 2017. I wanted to learn the ropes of quality content production which I sorely lacked at the time, and well… I just never left.

I spent 6 months as an intern for BFM’s morning show, The Morning Run, followed by a short 3-month contract as a Business Analyst for BFM Founder Malek Ali, while continuing some duties for The Morning Run, and was officially brought into the fold as a Producer in June 2018.


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