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Good Afternoon people,

The end of the first week of 2013 is upon us, then there will be another 51 left before we celebrate (or not) the end of this year and the start of another. For most the first week is important in setting leading tone for the year, through the birth of resolutions & goals, of new habits and practices. A great as it is to formulate such things, I feel that it is most important that the resolutions & goals reflect evolution, not revolution, that they aim for refinement and improvement of the successes, and/or otherwise, of 2012. There is nothing wrong with ambitious resolutions but for wishful thinking and lack of planning. Be ambitious with your resolutions, but ensure that the resolution is broken done into simpler goals, defined, specific & timed, that lead towards the resolution.
Do not confuse wishful thinking for being ambitious, they are not the same. Wishful thinking is ambitious thinking and dreams without untying in the effort, thinking that your resolutions will fall into your lap without planning or paying the price.

I’ve spent a good part of my Holy Hours over the last week on setting the tone for my 2013 through the setting of my fitness, financial, fun, material & personal development goals for the year and breaking them down into monthly and even weekly goals & guidelines to help clarify my routes and paths. I haven’t finished my 2013 Guideline, but I do have a draft to get the year cracking with.

The break down is incredibly important, if not the most important, part of forming resolutions. It ties in with helping us be consistent in the pace of our path to success, which in turn builds momentum. I look back over the last year, actually the last 9 months, and see that it was during the times of consistency that were my best, with respect to writing, exercise, personal development and social. Yes the consistency didn’t last forever but the goal there is to pick up from where you feel of the bicycle and get back to keep moving again, it will be difficult due to the loss of momentum and most will wan tot give up, but the people who succeed are the ones who pick themselves up and make the next wave of consistency last longer than the previous one. From 2 weeks and then falling off the rails to 4 weeks, then 6 weeks and so on. It will require lots of Discipline and if you keep the cycle going on, then maybe, someday, one day, there will come a point where you won’t have a Consistency Downtime. Maybe.

But the important thing to remember in chasing resolutions and goals, this year and every year, is that

1. small daily improvements will lead to stunning results. Break down your resolutions in to simpler, seemingly easier yet forward moving goals. As Henry Ford said,

“Nothing is particularly if you divide it into small jobs.”

2. Hone your discipline to build momentum and strengthen your will power and consistency.

3. Don’t give up, never give up. Pick yourself up, look at what you achieved before you fell, learn from your mistakes, then get back up and work on improving that. Keep Moving Forward

“Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom.” – Terry Pratchett”

And here ends my second post for the year, and another step to getting back on track, another step to my goals, another step forward.

Cheers & Keep Moving Forward.

Straight From The Heart



Coffee for One @Artisan Coffee Bar


Good Evening guys,

It’s a nice cool rainy evening here in Bangsar, actually I’m not sure whether it is still raining, cause the weather has been rather bipolar, cause I’m actually indoors right now. Having a nice Flat White, courtesy of Artisan Coffee Bar, enjoying the music from my headphones and thinking. It’s nice, I don’t feel alone yet I’m alone with my thoughts, if that makes any sense. That’s the thing about coffee places, a place you can be alone but not really feel alone. It’s a sort of mid point, away from people that you are always with which explains how one feels alone but surrounded by strangers that cause a little background buzz, a sort of background connection to humanity that brings about the feeling that you’re not alone. Essentially the difference being that you’re alone on a conscious level, a level where you’re alone with your thought and the other being you’re not alone on a subconscious level, where you are aware that there are people around you but you don’t think about it, it’s all just background processes that don’t matter at the moment, just background music if you will. Just comforting background music because, I think, even when we want to be alone, we don’t really want to be completely alone in silence. Why? Because we feel disconnected from humanity, and most would rather not have that. Especially now, in an age of extreme connectivity. I feel that one of the major factors for the success of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc is because people want to always feel connected, to never lose the connection to humanity. To never feel “alone”.

Or then again, maybe it’s just me 🙂

Now that’s not to say that people never want to be truly alone. Most of the time just turning off the phone and heading to a cafe alone will be enough, but there will be times when the connectivity gets really overwhelming we are going to want to completely “detox” and really be alone, in silence. Too much of anything is never good.

I totally intended today’s post to be ‘A Work in Progress’, but I guess this will be it for today.

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts

Straight From The Heart


Christmas Colonisation

20121111-063542 PM.jpg

Hey Guys, hope everyone is having a good Sunday,

I’m having my Latte as I’m surrounded by movement, lots of movement. Around me sit others who are taking a break from the crowd in the mall, taking a break from the rush of movement. Today’s immense mess is probably due to the fact that it’s a long weekend and that school holidays have just started, and in line with Malaysian style, people have rushed to the malls. I’ve never been a big fan of malls, sure I like to spend a day there once in a while (monthly etc) but I can’t see myself making it a weekly occurrence, or maybe not weekly whole day affairs.

Anyway, looks like Christmas has colonized Diwali here in Malaysia. I’m having my latte at Starbucks and the Christmas theme is very much in my face. I am reminded of this FB post I read a day or two back; how Starbucks has set up for Christmas without even waiting for Diwali to end. The best part, it’s not just Starbucks, it’s CBTL as well and I’m sure a few more of these international coffee franchises. I understand the need to set up for christmas, it is the most profitable and commercial of all the festivals celebrated here, I think, but couldn’t you guys wait a little while longer before cashing in? Couldn’t Starbucks, more domestically than internationally, have just waited a little while longer? I’m not asking for a Diwali themed drink, just asking you guys, my favorite coffee franchise/place/spot to just respect Diwali enough to not completely ignore it’s existence and plaster christmas all over it. I expected better sense, didn’t think that they were this ignorant, especially with Starbucks pushing into India I would have expected them to be more aware of indian culture in general.I don’t need you to celebrate it with us, but I would like Diwali not to be cast aside like it doesn’t matter, this doesn’t happen with Ramadan or CNY. I know Christmas is an important commercial season, but I’m sure all of you guys based here, not just Starbucks, could have waited a little while longer before bringing out the candy canes and christmas trees.

I love Starbucks, but I’m now dissatisfied and disappointed. I don’t know whether this is a recurring thing because I only became a regular Starbucks customer this year, but I really hope you guys, and others, don’t repeat it. Don’t disregard our celebration by choosing to layer christmas over it, find away to make this a win-win, (maybe a hybrid Christmas-Diwali theme until Diwali is over?) because honestly, as a Malaysian of Indian ethnicity, I felt unwanted when I entered Starbucks today, didn’t feel at home like I used to before, didn’t feel as comfortable, and all that is a big part of why I come to Starbucks. I’m sure ill get over this sooner or later, and I’m sure others will too, but don’t take this dissatisfaction and disappointment lightly because one day it could bite you in the ass, not just Starbucks, but too all you others who have chosen to overlap Diwali with Christmas.

On another note, I wish everyone who celebrates this festival of lights a Happy Deepavali/Diwali!

Straight From the Heart

Heart Appeal & Brands


As much as some companies would love customers to use their heads, most use their hearts

What do the biggest brands have in common?

A customer-fan base. Loyalist. Supporters.

The brand appeals to their emotion, their hearts and then their heads. Whether it’s environmentally friendly products, cool products, a great environment, or top-notch staff. Brands like Apple, Virgin, Body Shop & Starbucks have learnt that most people buy with their hearts first before their heads. Hence the Apple Fanboys & Starbucks loyalists. I’ve talked about Apple products before, so let me talk about Starbucks… Why do I come here almost everyday and pay a little more than 10 bucks for a drink?

1. The Cafe Mocha is awesome
2. The staff is so damn friendly and are great talk to. They remember your name, they make an effort to make you feel appreciated.
3. The have a great environment here. The slight feel of humanity through the buzz of conversations slightly drowned out by the delightful and great music they play. It just has such a nice feel; a comfy setting, plug points every where. They make you feel at home.
4. The pride themselves on being socially conscious, more specifically environmentally conscious. They practice Earth Hour and I just saw this sign on their counter about a waterfall clean-up tomorrow organised by them. They encourage you to use reusable tumblers, yes you need to buy theirs, but you get a 2 buck discount if you bring it and use it. So over time, if you are a regular, you’ll cover your “expenditure”. Amazing.

Starbucks doesn’t just appeal to me, it appeals to million in the country and many more across the globe.

Anyway, this isn’t about Starbucks but about how to become a great brand. Like Apple, Body Shop, Starbucks & Virgin.

As much as people say we should shop with our heads, we really love the brands that appeal to our hearts.

“business is in so many ways is about love. Think about it. Success comes by treating your customers with love. Acclaim comes by doing your job with love. Market leadership comes with selling your wares with love. If your customers only like you, you are vulnerable to losing them when a competitor with a cheaper product or a more economical service comes along. Why? Because you’ve failed emotionally. Connect with them. because when customers love you- because you’ve touched their hearts but the way you occur in their lives – you become a part of their extended family. You’re now part of their community. They become loyal. They tell the rest of the family about you. And they’ll take good care of you should times get tough.” Robin Sharma, the Greatness Guide

Straight From The Heart