RVP: From Gooner to Gunner to Devil


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it’s a nice evening in KL. The family and I decided to getaway for the weekend by running into the City 🙂 The Grand Hyatt has a great view of the Petronas Twin Towers.

I was just reminded by my LT that i was supposed to talk about why i hate RVP,

so here is

Arkay’s Gooner Life

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Van Persie,

of all the the players who have left us Gooners over the years, he is the one i despise the most.

Not because he said we had no ambition (we do, but the Clubs ambition is a long term ambition no RVP’s short term vision) or any other reason but for the fact that out of the 8 seasons with us he only had a good 1.5 seasons, Wenger stood by him for all his injured years but when the tables turned and Wenger needed him… he left.

Clichy, Fabregas, Henry, Nasri, Adebayor, Song and Co all left, but they also served the club to their best ability before they left.

Cesc played 8 solid years for us before going home.

Song did’t want to leave.

Nasri was only with us for 2/3 years, so can’t really ask for loyalty there, but he did serve us well.

Henry was looking for a change and a bigger challenge.

Helb & Flamini also left for money we could not give them, but again, they were relatively new and served us well.

Clichy spent 8 seasons with us and gave us his all.

But I expected more of RVP,

He was our Captain, our Hero, our Flying Dutchman
the person we looked to to save us when the chips were down
A Gooner grown that should’ve become a Gunner Legend
The player who kissed the badge and told us he would never leave us
At Arsenal he only scored 96 goals for the club and 48 of them from the last 1.5 seasons, he’s average is a mere 12 goals a season.

8 years and only 96 goals.


Let’s do a little math and extrapolate what could have (should have) been if he was fit.

A peak of about 30 goals last season. 18 goals from the half season of 2010-2011, so let’s give him 30 for that season as well, and for the seasons before an average of 18. that should have been about 168 goals in an Arsenal shirt.

But no, those goals were taken from Arsenal because of all his injuries and just when he gets properly fit he leaves. Now i know my calculations are all just speculative and hypothetical, but they are reasonable, no one can deny he has the quality.

Wenger, the Club & the Supporters stood by him for years, took care of him for years, protected him for years and he turned around and spat in their faces.

Well good for him, looks like he’s on to win the BPL with United and that’s all good and professional for him,

but i hate him because though it may be just Business for some football players,

it’s personal for the fans.

Straight From The Heart<


I am a #Gooner @starbucksmy #arsenal


Good Morning!

At Starbucks Monash today with my Mocha next to me and a bright day in front of me (currently). Sleep wasn’t very good, only got 5 hours, so hopefully i don’t crash too soon.

Today I’m going to kick off my Gooner4Life section, starting with a little introduction as a Gooner.

I’ve been an Arsenal fan since 2000 but turned supporter in 2006 (i’ll explain the difference between fan & supporter another time). Before 2006 i never really watched football, or knew much about the team, i was just a fan, i wasn’t really into football. My true life as a Gooner started after i watched the Champions League Final between Arsenal & Barca and felt the heartache after, we should have won that. I starting watching Arsenal more regularly and by 2008 there were not many games i missed. I never had the pleasure of watching the Invincibles go through the season unbeaten, or if i did i didn’t really understand or appreciate it, or appreciate Bergkamp for the magician that he was and all the other good things from before my Gooner Life.

But what i can say now, is that I am a Gooner now and forever, i’ve suffered the heartaches of losing vital games and players but also see some great things in the last 6 years. I’m a supporter going though the trophy drought. I am a supporter who has seen key players leave every season. I’ve seen us throw away a Cup at the end and witnessed the physical breaking of some Gunners.

But also,

I’ve watched my Gunners beat Barca, Milan & Bayern at home, I watched the chemistry of the Rosicky, Flamini, Fabregas & Hleb midfield, i watched our comebacks against Chelsea and Spurs and time after time i’ve seen the team do brilliant things even though we haven’t had a stable, fixed squad over the years since we moved over to the Emirates; which is what i believe to be our main problem, not the lack of quality in our players, but the inability to retain a stable core of team for more than a season, which affects team chemistry and communication. I’ll go into this further in a future post.

Through all that, my support is right behind the club, Wenger, Hill-Wood & the Board. In Wenger I trust. They initiated a plan to take us to the next level, a 10 year plan that started with the move to the Emirates and will be completed when we pay off the remaining stadium debt of £250m . It is all short-term displeasure and we will get through it. We were a winning squad before but a small club, now we are a growing club without trophies after 2017 we will be one of the biggest Clubs Globally, with a Winning Squad, great leader, revenues that will enable us to pay players the inflated market wage and that’s when things will truly be stable again. Again, I’ll go into more detail in my next Gooner4Life post.

So, in wrapping up, I’m a Gooner, In Wenger I Trust, I’m here for the long-term, I believe i what the club, board and Wenger are doing for the Club and I don’t want someone (Oil money, billionaire) to buy us out and make the Club his/her new toy.


BPL Round up

Good morning once again,

So yesterday was an incredibly dramatic end to the BPL season. I have never experienced an ending like that, it was so tense, so dramatic.

From the title race, to the race for the last automatic champion league qualifying spot (3rd place), to the battle at Merseyside and of course the battle for the great escape at the bottom of the pile.

First I’ll address the relegation battle, there was only one spot left and Bolton fell into. It’s a pity, I always liked Bolton, but after the battle QPR put up against City they deserve to stay up, though Joey Barton deserves to be banned from football. He has showed time and time again that he has problems, time to get rid of him.

“@SkySporIsNews: Its just been announced that Joey Barton is an unlockable character on Mortal Kombat.”

“@PremiershipUK: QPR’s Joey Barton assaults three Man City players – then claims ‘it was never a red’: Joey Barton coul… http://t.co/xcekDssr telegraph”

“@Football_Tweet_: Joey Barton is a plonker. Hit Carlos Tevez, kneed Sergio Aguero and threw a head at Vincent Kompany…”

Then to the battle to be the top at Merseyside, Everton beat the surging Newcastle to become the top dog at Merseyside, it didn’t help Liverpool that Swansea beat them. Liverpool has some great players, but things need to change, I personally feel that things started going sour when the lost Xabi Alonso, the man who had Gerard’s back and helped supply the terrorising Torres. After he left, there was a void that never really got filled.

Then on to the fight for 3rd, now this as especially dramatic for me as I’m a Gooner. The placing for 3rd, 4th and 5th could have all changed last night. Arsenal could have ended up in 5th if the lost. Arsenal took the lead at West Brom only to succumb to 2 goals and then making a come back to making it 3-2. It was nail biting. Spurs won and keep 4th, and Newcastle stay in 5th after their loss to Everton. Now my only wish is that Chelsea win the Champions League to knock out Spurs hopes of champions league football. I never was a Spurs hater until the last season, when certain Spurs started running their mouths after the went on top of Arsenal in the table. Mind the Gap.

“@omojuwa: Tottenham’s best season, Arsenal’s worst season. Same story, Tottenham’s best is worse than #Arsenal ‘s worst”

Van Persie secure his golden boot, not hopefully with 3rd place he’ll sign a new contract with us and stay.

“@piersmorgan: Don’t leave us, Skipper @Persie_Official – stay and become an all-time #Arsenal LEGEND like Dennis. #DutchMasters”

And on to the most intense part of the night, the 5 minutes of injury time at the Etihad. United thought they had won the title after City messed up and allowed QPR to take the lead by making it 2-1, but in what I must say is the most fantastic way to win the title by snatching the trophy away from your bitter rivals at the very last moment, to score 2 goals in injury time. I can only describe it as phenomenal. The feeling that Mancini and his men felt last night is something they probably will never feel again, no matter how many other trophies the win after this. Ending the 44 year drought, shoving it into the face of their bitter rivals in the most painful way. Amazing.

I continued on to watch the interviews and celebrations.
The interview with Vincent Kompany was great, so touching,I could see how much it meant to him. He definitely deserved it. Great Captain. So much pressure, never giving up. Joe Hart couldn’t really give an view, he was in such shock.

It was actually really nice watching the trophy ceremony. Showed me a different side of the City team. I’m happy for you guys, and the fans.


In the end, I guess with was the 6-1 beating that City gave United at Old Trafford that won them the title, but in all fairness props to MU for being able to give City a fight till the end, though you guys did sort of throw the title away when you gave away an 8 point lead that you had about a month ago, but still, you guys didn’t make it easy for City. Good Job.

What a god damn season, what an ending to one of the most roller coaster seasons in the BPL.

“@premierleague: There were 32 goals in today’s #bpl matches, taking the season’s total to 1,066 – a record for a 38-match season, beating 2010/11 by three.”

Straight From The Heart

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