RVP: From Gooner to Gunner to Devil


>Good Afternoon guys,

it’s a nice evening in KL. The family and I decided to getaway for the weekend by running into the City 🙂 The Grand Hyatt has a great view of the Petronas Twin Towers.

I was just reminded by my LT that i was supposed to talk about why i hate RVP,

so here is

Arkay’s Gooner Life

<br /
Van Persie,

of all the the players who have left us Gooners over the years, he is the one i despise the most.

Not because he said we had no ambition (we do, but the Clubs ambition is a long term ambition no RVP’s short term vision) or any other reason but for the fact that out of the 8 seasons with us he only had a good 1.5 seasons, Wenger stood by him for all his injured years but when the tables turned and Wenger needed him… he left.

Clichy, Fabregas, Henry, Nasri, Adebayor, Song and Co all left, but they also served the club to their best ability before they left.

Cesc played 8 solid years for us before going home.

Song did’t want to leave.

Nasri was only with us for 2/3 years, so can’t really ask for loyalty there, but he did serve us well.

Henry was looking for a change and a bigger challenge.

Helb & Flamini also left for money we could not give them, but again, they were relatively new and served us well.

Clichy spent 8 seasons with us and gave us his all.

But I expected more of RVP,

He was our Captain, our Hero, our Flying Dutchman
the person we looked to to save us when the chips were down
A Gooner grown that should’ve become a Gunner Legend
The player who kissed the badge and told us he would never leave us
At Arsenal he only scored 96 goals for the club and 48 of them from the last 1.5 seasons, he’s average is a mere 12 goals a season.

8 years and only 96 goals.


Let’s do a little math and extrapolate what could have (should have) been if he was fit.

A peak of about 30 goals last season. 18 goals from the half season of 2010-2011, so let’s give him 30 for that season as well, and for the seasons before an average of 18. that should have been about 168 goals in an Arsenal shirt.

But no, those goals were taken from Arsenal because of all his injuries and just when he gets properly fit he leaves. Now i know my calculations are all just speculative and hypothetical, but they are reasonable, no one can deny he has the quality.

Wenger, the Club & the Supporters stood by him for years, took care of him for years, protected him for years and he turned around and spat in their faces.

Well good for him, looks like he’s on to win the BPL with United and that’s all good and professional for him,

but i hate him because though it may be just Business for some football players,

it’s personal for the fans.

Straight From The Heart<



One thought on “RVP: From Gooner to Gunner to Devil

  1. Yes Arsenal stood by him all those years when he was injured. yes he only had 1.5 good seasons with Arsenal. BUT he was 29 years old, fast approaching the end of his career as a top striker. Once upon a time he wanted to win things with Arsenal, but Arsenal’s long term targets may have been a bit too far for Van Persie. By the time they reached that level, Van Perise might not be that good anymore because age would have caught up with him. Manchester United was his best shot at winning the big titles while he still could, and i respect and support him for that. I can never hate him

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