Ghost Protocol


Good Sunday everyone, hope you are all doing good. I’ll be working today. Surrounded by what I love… Apple products.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that I Love my gadgets, my iPhone, my iPad, my MacBook etc. they help me stay organised, help me stay productive and help me unwind. But that doesn’t mean that i should give them my undivided attention. I believe that we need to have gadget time outs, this is related to my thinking time post. Our gadgets are wonderful but they have tendency to interrupt social life and disrupt thinking and /or productive time. When having dinner or a conversation, put the phone away. Whoever is trying to contact you can wait until you’re done with dinner or until the conversation is over. don’t interrupt your Physical contact with another person because you’ve got an iMessage or a FB notification or a tweet.

As my dad always says: “time and place”.

This is especially important for my generation.

Now those who have to stay by their phones for work, set aside a Electronic time out to have some quality bonding with your family and give you your own time. Your family needs it and most important, you’ll need it; To get your best ideas, to think better, to be more productive, to remain sane.

I haven’t perfected this yet, but I am certainly making progress. I hope you will join me in setting aside at least an hour a day, gadget free, for family and then another hour for your own, undisturbed, thinking time…. A Room of One’s Own. A time to go dark, covert; go Ghost Protocol and Black Ops. Go all Ninja.

You own your gadgets, not vice versa.

What better day to start than today? A Sunday.

have a great day,

Straight From The Heart

Arkay 6



Review: The iPad (3rd Gen)

Good evening ladies and gents, it is indeed a beautiful evening. I am currently chilling at the Golfer’s Terrace at KLGCC, sipping on some coconut water looking at a beautiful view of the golf course. How much KLGCC has changed in the past decade.

Anyway to the point,

I bought the White, 64GB, 4G iPad about 2 weeks ago, when it launched, and I’m ready to tell you what I think about it.

I love it.

More than my new toy this little tablet has been an incredible tool for me, increasing my productivity,reading and writing. I love reading magazines on this thing, and I type out all my blogs on it. I use it as my primary device, so much so that I can’t remember the last time I used my MacBook except to load music and videos onto my iPad. I don’t even need to sync my iOS devices with my MacBook cause I sync them with iCloud. I don’t even use my MacBook to surf, the iPad is especially useful with that. The Twitter and YouTube apps are amazing, (especially Twitter) and I basically only use the Facebook iOS app, not any browser.

I Love it. It’s so damn smooth, quick and easy to use. Simplicity at its best. Especially with iOS5, you don’t need a computer to set it up. The resolution is absolutely amazing, more pixels than my 63″ inch full HD tv. The battery life is equal to the iPad 2, but the thing is, the battery is almost twice as powerful. The new iPad has a 45 watt battery, the iPad 2 had a 25 watt battery. Why the same battery life? The Retina display, it takes a fair amount of energy to power the screen to its incredible full glory.

Aside from that it has quad core graphics but is still a dual core processor, A 5mp camera, dictation (no Siri) and personal hotspot capability not to mention 4G support, which isn’t that big a deal in Malaysia since we don’t really have proper LTE 4G.

The only issue I faced with the iPad was One day, while using the personal hotspot from my iPhone, the iPad got pretty hot. But it was one a tennis court and it was a hot day, that was the only time I expertise uncomfortable heat from the iPad. Oh, and the speakers aren’t all that.

I have absolutely no regrets buying this brilliant decide but if you have an iPad 2 I wouldn’t recommend upgrading, unless you can get a good price to sell your iPad 2. If you have an iPad 1, don’t think twice about it. I highly recommend it. If you already have an iPhone with personal hotspot and want to save some money, skip the 4G, that will cut RM400 from the price tag.

Hands down the best tablet in the market. Apps. Battery life. Magazines. Resolutionary. Smooth Performance. iCloud syncing everything together neatly.

Don’t believe me? By all means, please go ahead and do your own research then, no worries, I would do the same. 🙂

And about the name, I like it. Getting rid of the numbers was only natural. You don’t see an iMac 7 or a MacBook 8 or the iPod nano 4 do you?

Have a great week ahead!

Straight from the Heart,

Arkay 6




Yea, I’m an Apple Fanboy

So yea, I’m an Apple fan boy. I will not apologise for it, I will not hide it, and I certainly will not deny it.

Apple announced its earning and it did not disappoint, I expect the stock to go up again and i really do think, if they keep up the pace, that they’ll achieve a Trillion dollar market capital in a year or two. But anyway, back to me and being an apple fan boy.

Nowadays gadgets are more than products simply because of the difference in rival products and the philosophies of the companies that produce them. It’s the new cultural divide.

I buy apple products because of the ecosystem they’ve created, it all just fits, it all works, it’s simple and yea, they look brilliant. iCloud ties up everything nicely, my MacBook is the hub, though not as important now, of the system, my iPad and iPhone help me maximise my productivity and keep me connected. Apple makes their users feel comfortable and feel apart of something bigger. And even the little things matter, like AirPlay and AirPrint, the lack of mess in their systems, which is a huge android problem (fragmentation). I guess that is what appeals to me the most, the cleanliness of Apples products, the work together perfectly to form an amazing tech ecosystem, everything is in sync. Once you buy one apple product, you’re are more likely to buy another and stay in this brilliant ecosystem. I’m now looking for a way to use Airport Extreme with Unifi and also raise some money for a Time Capsule and Apple TV because I’m trying to bring more wireless was to my home complete the Apple Ecosystem. I just bought an Airport Express and I love it, the ability to play music wireless and control it from my iPhone.

But you get the point, Apple does a great job at integrating its products, far better than any other company. If you’ve already got one apple product, then you know what to do.

Yes, Apple products are more expensive but they last and are worth the money. My iPhone 3G is still alive and kicking, it’s my dads backup phone and the iPhone 3GS is probably going to be passed on to my brother and my iPhone 4, still brilliant.

I’m loving the new iPad, the apps are great, the display is brilliant and I’m getting a lot of reading and writing done now. Newsstand is great, I love reading the Star, Edge Financial daily and Fortune on it. The Bloomberg app helps me keep track of the markets. Twitter on the iPad is amazing. If you want a tablet don’t waste your time looking at anything else. iPad for the win. More when I review then iPad which should be online next week.

Even though I am an Apple fan boy, it doesn’t mean that I hate everything that isn’t Apple. It just means that I like Apple products more than anything else. I like Google, Samsung, HTC and all the other competitors because they keep Apple on it’s toes. The better the products rivals makes, the more apple has to step up. Win for consumer and Apple Fans.

Peace out,

Straight from the Heart,