Patience, Timing & Not Rushing In @CoffeaCoffeeMY

Good Morning guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this good in the morning, hope to keep it going 🙂

Got out of bed, went for a run, had my Holy Hour, practice my singing a little, watched the mentalist and now I’m having a really good Madonna flat white at Coffea Coffee. The day is indeed looking pretty damn good.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to write about today, on one hand I’m thinking about talking about a dream I had the other day and on the other I’m thinking about writing about the Patience and the like. You know what, I’m going to take a look at patience.

There’s always a conflict between being patient and wanting to get certain things done. When I want to do certain things, I want to do them immediate and I used to get pretty restless until I got the thing done, I’m still working on it but am at a better stance than previously.

I’ve found that most good things that have happened to me in my life are the result of being patient, that at the right time that which I want and work for will work out. I have also found that most of my mistakes and general bad and/or stressful things have occurred due to me rushing into things, usually with the mindset that it’s now or never. But you know what, looking back, I’ve realised that those times when I thought I needed to rush or get into that thing now, could have actually waited. I will of course work towards the things that I want, but I have to remember that being patient has lead to many great things, and even when it seemed like I missed an opportunity because of patience, it ended up leading to better things later, most of the time. Rushing into things has caused me much pain, at least I learnt from them, and the most common lesson being, patience.

I’m going to remember to Prepare, Learn and Wait for the right time, not to chase because there are certain things that aren’t meant to be and others that are. I do believe in greater Forces, I’m not saying that we’ve all got preset paths or the such, and sometimes if it doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. Take a step back and be patient, because I find that through patience is when I can stand apart, observe and learn, and through this is when I believe that we find ‘The Right Time.’

Being patient and finding The Right Time can sometimes be confusing and conflicting, but this is what I’ve learnt: The Right Time isn’t about rushing in or chasing after something, it’s about standing back to observe and learn (actively, consciously) as you wait, and then stepping in when it feels right to you. It isn’t going to be easy, especially at first, and we’re all going to have to make mistakes in order to get to a better understanding of when to wait and when to step in. It’s experience that truly makes a difference in this department, and from all that i’ve dealt with over the last few years and what little I’ve learnt it’s better to wait than to rush into something, maybe that’s just me.

One more thing, do not confuse being patient with wishful thinking, while being patient we are also preparing, wishful thinking is just expecting something to fall in our laps.

Have a great day!

Straight From The Heart



Getting Back to Business

Good Afternoon guys, I’m here at Starbucks, been while and I’ve realised just how long it’s been. Guess I hit another speed bump.
I’ve been away for a while, a long while, put all this all on hold during my exam period, but I shouldn’t have stepped away for this long and I wouldn’t have needed to if I kept one eye on my academics and study died regularly instead of taking it all to the 11th hour. I was in such a mess, sleeping late, waking late, not exercising as much and so on and after the exams were over, I had rebuilt the old habit of sleeping late and I’ve been feeling messy, really cluttered. Writing kept me in check, kept me in awareness of myself and what I was doing, where I was going, without it I drifted away from the personal progress that I was making. The last month may have been necessary but it wasn’t good for my personal progress which leads me to a flaw in my personal progress, I didn’t put enough focus on academics. So, lesson learnt, must put more focus into my academics so that I won’t be left with a last minute hurdle at the end and have to dump everything else to get passed my exams, again.

So, my main focus for the next week is simple, get back into “shape”. Eating well, exercising regularly, writing regularly, reading, sleeping well, waking up early. Yes, it is Diwali, but I’ll have to work around that, I’ve spent enough time in the mess of mine, I’ve wasted enough time doing nothing, I’ve had enough of not having productivity in my days.

Easier said than done, but so very achievable.

This was just a warm up, taking that step of just doing it, just getting some writing done. my next post will be more back to business as usual.

Wish me luck,

Straight From The Heart



Good morning everyone! Its a beautiful Sunday morning, I hope all of you enjoy the day.

Life is all about moments, all about the memories and experiences that make us who we are. We all go through ups and downs, highs and lows, the rise and fall. We are more likely to remember who we feel at a moment rather than what actually happened. We don’t remember days, we remember moments. whether they were good moments or bad moments, they are a part of who we are, don’t hold on to them too tight, but always remember them.

Today’s post is a little closer to the chest, it’s about defining movements in my life and I would like to share them with you.

Key Moment: Just before I started Sri KDU, my dad sat me down and talked to me. He told me that even though the school was a lot of money, he knew it was worth it because he believed in me. He wanted me to have the best education, the best foundation that he could give me, because he believed that I could do great things. That moment changed how I approached secondary school. I volunteered to become monitor, which lead to me becoming a prefect which lead to later becoming Head Prefect. Yes, I may have stepped on some toes initially and set back my social life, but I wouldn’t have done anything different.

Greatest moment: it was March 2008, the day SPM results were being released. I was so damn nervous, not that I was worried, but I always get nervous during big moments, i expected to at least get 7A’s, that would have been good. I remember this so clearly, I walk up to Mr. Sera, he looks for my slip, he looks at is and smiles, then he looks at me and says, congratulations. I take the slip and look…. The first thing that popped up was A1 for BM. WHAT!?!?! That was went through my mind. I achieved 9 A1s and 2 A2s…. I was stunned. Shocked. Incredibly Happy. I walk up to my parents and tell them the news. We hugged, everyone was happy and then it happened, something I have never seen before, my dad teared…. A tear of great pride…. I could feel how proud he was and that tear was…. It brought me a feeling that is still unparalleled. My greatest moment. I for A2 for Add Math, And the only reason Aunty Prems spared me is because of my overall result.

Roller coaster moment: it was after the interviews for UWC. I got a call, Deborah was on the line. “Roshan, i’m so happy to tell you that you’ve been accepted, you’ve got a place at the Mahindra United World College”. I was so happy, it was just the news I was awaiting to hear, I was so damn happy but then it all evaporated when I was told that I wasn’t getting any scholarship. Why so sad? Because my parents had a serious talk with me, they told me that they could afford 50%. So this was quite a blow to me. It was a major roller coaster ride… But in the end my parents, extraordinary people, managed to find a way to send me… They found the money.

Worst moment: this was a couple days after my 20th Birthday, it as February. My dad was on his way up the hill to pick me up. To take me away from MUWCI. This was the end of my MUWCI journey, the end of my stay on the hill. The worst moment came when I was in the car, driving away from the friends that had gathered to send me off. Moving away from them was so painful… Every metre forward hurt. It finally hit me. That wasn’t how things were supposed to go, that wasn’t part of the plan, it wasn’t suppose to end like this. (a post about MUWCI will come out in the next few weeks)

These were all the first things that popped into my mind. If you guys are comfortable I would love to hear from you. Your moments. Just comment below, no pressure 🙂 or if you have suggestions for more moment titles.

Straight from the Heart,