Facing Fears = Power


Good morning everyone,

For a change I’m writing from the Starbucks at Gardens, but still with my cafe mocha. 🙂

Today is a big day for me, I hope it all goes well.

On that note, I want to talk about the power that you get once you face your fears, once you’ve completed that task that you have been resisting. I’m actually pretty scared now, I’m going for a job interview after this, to get a sales position at Machines, hopefully Machines Gardens. I’m scared because I have never done this before, this is new to me. Have never had a real job before. Thoughts have been popping into my head. “what If I can’t do it?” “what of I don’t get it?” “do I really want it?””I can still cancel” “I don’t have to do it” bla bla bla.

But you know what, I want this job, It is a step in the right direction, I want to learn how an apple reseller works, so that maybe i can have my own franchise one day, I want to sell Apple products because I am passionate about them, I want the experience as i want to continue to grow but most importantly, I want to move forward. It’s been a great productive 5 weeks, and I want to continue that flow. I’ve been writing, reading, sleeping well, exercising, dabbled in investing, meeting people etc. I think I’ve mentioned before, this feels like my second coming.

All those questions and doubts, were coming from a place of fear, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. And I will face that fear because once its done…. It will give me power and confidence.

For example, yesterday I finally met a lecturer that I’ve been meaning to meet for a while, I put it off for so long cause I was scared, intimidated, worried etc etc. I was afraid I would mess up the meeting, but finally, yesterday, i just did it. I took the elevator up and met her and you know what? It was a great meeting. She has pointed me in the right direction to sort out my issues reading my Accounting Major and I have a meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Studies today. Hopefully she will be able to help me solve my problem. I’ve been procrastinating for so long simply because I didn’t want to face the fear of not being able to pursue Accounting, or having to delay my graduation by another semester and all those things. The phrase “Ignorance is Bliss” comes to mind, but ignoring the problems isn’t going to make them go away. No. That require conscious effort. Sometimes we run away from our fears so that we can pretend they’re not there, I sorry, but it’s time to wake up.

“I know of no more encouraging fact than th unquestionable ability of a human being to elevate their life by conscious endeavour.” Henry David Thoreau

So today, I’ve got two big steps to take, my first real job interview and a meeting at university. Both are big steps. And I am scared, but I’m not going to run away from this challenge. I will face it

And whatever happens, I will face that as well. If I don’t get the job so be it. If the meeting doesn’t go well I’ll extend my studies by another semester because failure is inevitable in the journey of life, you just have to make sure that the failure doesn’t stop you from moving forward. I’ve had enough of being scared, how about you?

“Fail Faster. Succeed sooner.” David Kelley

“Screw-ups are the mark of excellence.” Tom Peters

“twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do that by he ones you did.” mark twain

“the real risk lies in risked living.” robin sharma

Straight From The Heart

Arkay 6



The Power of the Hug


Good evening everyone, here’s a little post to end the day,

It’s the simplest thing in life that we are most guilty of taking for granted, these little things that can spur the best type of joy, happiness or love; enjoying the stars in the night sky whilst lying down on the cool grass, or having a great conversation with someone or the look on the face of someone you care about when you perform some simple random act of kindness, such as giving them a flower. It is these moments that can really make life worth living. However, my favourite among the simple things is, the hug.

The hug is such an underrated way of showing appreciation or affection. It can help someone feel safe, feel at home, feel like they matter, feel like wanted, most importantly it can make someone feel loved. The act of embracing your fellow human is so universal, so versatile. It can be used for almost anything whether it be a moment of congratulations or a moment of condolence; a moment of bliss or a moment of sadness; a moment of friendship or a moment of love.

The Hug is a simple act of which results in a more than proportional result, when executed right.

A hug should be all embracing, not mere bumping of the shoulders at an awkward angle, no person ever felt appreciate from a half hearted borderline pathetic hug. Do it right. Make the person you are about to hug feel like you actually want to do to and that it’s not just a formality.

I never truly appreciated the power held in a hug until an uncle of mine talked to me about it after he saw me give my mum a “hug”. He said that he never went a day without giving someone a proper hug because that hug made his day all that much better.

So stop being stingy with your hugs. Show the people you care about that you actually do care about them. You’re actions speak much louder than words. If you tell someone you love them or care for them, make sure your actions are in sync.

Good night,

Now go give your parents a hug, 🙂

Straight From The Heart

Arkay 6