The Power of the Hug


Good evening everyone, here’s a little post to end the day,

It’s the simplest thing in life that we are most guilty of taking for granted, these little things that can spur the best type of joy, happiness or love; enjoying the stars in the night sky whilst lying down on the cool grass, or having a great conversation with someone or the look on the face of someone you care about when you perform some simple random act of kindness, such as giving them a flower. It is these moments that can really make life worth living. However, my favourite among the simple things is, the hug.

The hug is such an underrated way of showing appreciation or affection. It can help someone feel safe, feel at home, feel like they matter, feel like wanted, most importantly it can make someone feel loved. The act of embracing your fellow human is so universal, so versatile. It can be used for almost anything whether it be a moment of congratulations or a moment of condolence; a moment of bliss or a moment of sadness; a moment of friendship or a moment of love.

The Hug is a simple act of which results in a more than proportional result, when executed right.

A hug should be all embracing, not mere bumping of the shoulders at an awkward angle, no person ever felt appreciate from a half hearted borderline pathetic hug. Do it right. Make the person you are about to hug feel like you actually want to do to and that it’s not just a formality.

I never truly appreciated the power held in a hug until an uncle of mine talked to me about it after he saw me give my mum a “hug”. He said that he never went a day without giving someone a proper hug because that hug made his day all that much better.

So stop being stingy with your hugs. Show the people you care about that you actually do care about them. You’re actions speak much louder than words. If you tell someone you love them or care for them, make sure your actions are in sync.

Good night,

Now go give your parents a hug, 🙂

Straight From The Heart

Arkay 6



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