Russell’s Notorious Tour


Good morning everyone, my Cafe Mocha and I welcome you to this mornings post.

For those who weren’t not aware, Canadian comedian Russell Peters came down to Malaysia over the weekend and graced us with two shows, Friday night and Saturday night at Stadium Malawait Shah Alam. I went for the Friday night show, which was the second show he opened due to the record breaking sell out for Saturday nights show.

Let me start of by saying that Russell was brilliant. It was such a to to watch him live. He is such an intelligent comedian, using the audience as comedy material. He has the amazing ability of being able to go back to the root joke even after spending 10 minutes on spin off. His jokes bounded on racist but the reason no one minds is the he hits everyone, including himself. So I have absolute praise for him, and his opening act Joey Medina, who is also incredibly funny, and DJ Spinbad for spinning some awesome tunes before and after the show to entertain us. So as for the performance, I have to issues.

Now to Ticketpro.

I was in absolute shock when I saw where the usher was escorting us. RM438 (USD110) for these seats? I wasn’t the only one who was shocked at the placement of our seats, I watched as countless others fell victim to this blatant misrepresentation. Everybody escorted to my area was in disbelief, some got angry.

The venue was crap, and the seating was badly arranged. It looked to me like Ticketpro a trying to skimp on anything they could to make more money for themselves. Th signage for the entrances was also bad, and did I mention it was a crap venue? The only plus is that it was at least air conditioned.

Now why was I irritated at the seating, it may not have been misrepresentation but the seating plan implied that the stage was further back, I was sitting at the side, whilst others who paid the same amount were right in front of stage. I was very disappointed. If you want to do something like this, have a price difference, don’t make us pay the same price for front stage seats if you’re going to put us a the side. Yes the seating plan showed that there were seats there, but there shouldnt have been. Side (fringe) seats should not be the same price as the seats in front of stage, I felt cheated. The seats right behind the 438 centre seats had a better view than mine.

Secondly, was absolute crap, the queue system just didn’t work and when I did mange to get in it said that tickets I wanted were not available… Their servers could not handle the load, Ticketpro, please step up your game. It was because of this that i had to resort to going to Rock Corner and not being able to pick exactly where I wanted to sit. I was incredibly disappointed with the organisers.

For all we know, it’s this kind of shoddy work that make premier performers think twice before coming to Malaysia.

The second picture from the bottom should have been the view for the average RM438 ticket, not the the view as shown in the last picture.

To end on a more positive note, Russell was hilarious and I’m glad I went, just should have gone for the cheaper tickets, would have gotten a better view.

Straight From The Heart

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