Russell’s Notorious Tour


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For those who weren’t not aware, Canadian comedian Russell Peters came down to Malaysia over the weekend and graced us with two shows, Friday night and Saturday night at Stadium Malawait Shah Alam. I went for the Friday night show, which was the second show he opened due to the record breaking sell out for Saturday nights show.

Let me start of by saying that Russell was brilliant. It was such a to to watch him live. He is such an intelligent comedian, using the audience as comedy material. He has the amazing ability of being able to go back to the root joke even after spending 10 minutes on spin off. His jokes bounded on racist but the reason no one minds is the he hits everyone, including himself. So I have absolute praise for him, and his opening act Joey Medina, who is also incredibly funny, and DJ Spinbad for spinning some awesome tunes before and after the show to entertain us. So as for the performance, I have to issues.

Now to Ticketpro.

I was in absolute shock when I saw where the usher was escorting us. RM438 (USD110) for these seats? I wasn’t the only one who was shocked at the placement of our seats, I watched as countless others fell victim to this blatant misrepresentation. Everybody escorted to my area was in disbelief, some got angry.

The venue was crap, and the seating was badly arranged. It looked to me like Ticketpro a trying to skimp on anything they could to make more money for themselves. Th signage for the entrances was also bad, and did I mention it was a crap venue? The only plus is that it was at least air conditioned.

Now why was I irritated at the seating, it may not have been misrepresentation but the seating plan implied that the stage was further back, I was sitting at the side, whilst others who paid the same amount were right in front of stage. I was very disappointed. If you want to do something like this, have a price difference, don’t make us pay the same price for front stage seats if you’re going to put us a the side. Yes the seating plan showed that there were seats there, but there shouldnt have been. Side (fringe) seats should not be the same price as the seats in front of stage, I felt cheated. The seats right behind the 438 centre seats had a better view than mine.

Secondly, was absolute crap, the queue system just didn’t work and when I did mange to get in it said that tickets I wanted were not available… Their servers could not handle the load, Ticketpro, please step up your game. It was because of this that i had to resort to going to Rock Corner and not being able to pick exactly where I wanted to sit. I was incredibly disappointed with the organisers.

For all we know, it’s this kind of shoddy work that make premier performers think twice before coming to Malaysia.

The second picture from the bottom should have been the view for the average RM438 ticket, not the the view as shown in the last picture.

To end on a more positive note, Russell was hilarious and I’m glad I went, just should have gone for the cheaper tickets, would have gotten a better view.

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Review: The iPad (3rd Gen)

Good evening ladies and gents, it is indeed a beautiful evening. I am currently chilling at the Golfer’s Terrace at KLGCC, sipping on some coconut water looking at a beautiful view of the golf course. How much KLGCC has changed in the past decade.

Anyway to the point,

I bought the White, 64GB, 4G iPad about 2 weeks ago, when it launched, and I’m ready to tell you what I think about it.

I love it.

More than my new toy this little tablet has been an incredible tool for me, increasing my productivity,reading and writing. I love reading magazines on this thing, and I type out all my blogs on it. I use it as my primary device, so much so that I can’t remember the last time I used my MacBook except to load music and videos onto my iPad. I don’t even need to sync my iOS devices with my MacBook cause I sync them with iCloud. I don’t even use my MacBook to surf, the iPad is especially useful with that. The Twitter and YouTube apps are amazing, (especially Twitter) and I basically only use the Facebook iOS app, not any browser.

I Love it. It’s so damn smooth, quick and easy to use. Simplicity at its best. Especially with iOS5, you don’t need a computer to set it up. The resolution is absolutely amazing, more pixels than my 63″ inch full HD tv. The battery life is equal to the iPad 2, but the thing is, the battery is almost twice as powerful. The new iPad has a 45 watt battery, the iPad 2 had a 25 watt battery. Why the same battery life? The Retina display, it takes a fair amount of energy to power the screen to its incredible full glory.

Aside from that it has quad core graphics but is still a dual core processor, A 5mp camera, dictation (no Siri) and personal hotspot capability not to mention 4G support, which isn’t that big a deal in Malaysia since we don’t really have proper LTE 4G.

The only issue I faced with the iPad was One day, while using the personal hotspot from my iPhone, the iPad got pretty hot. But it was one a tennis court and it was a hot day, that was the only time I expertise uncomfortable heat from the iPad. Oh, and the speakers aren’t all that.

I have absolutely no regrets buying this brilliant decide but if you have an iPad 2 I wouldn’t recommend upgrading, unless you can get a good price to sell your iPad 2. If you have an iPad 1, don’t think twice about it. I highly recommend it. If you already have an iPhone with personal hotspot and want to save some money, skip the 4G, that will cut RM400 from the price tag.

Hands down the best tablet in the market. Apps. Battery life. Magazines. Resolutionary. Smooth Performance. iCloud syncing everything together neatly.

Don’t believe me? By all means, please go ahead and do your own research then, no worries, I would do the same. 🙂

And about the name, I like it. Getting rid of the numbers was only natural. You don’t see an iMac 7 or a MacBook 8 or the iPod nano 4 do you?

Have a great week ahead!

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Review: Volkswagen Polo TSI

To kick start the reviews on, I introduce to you, Giselle, my Volkswagen Polo.

Ok, maybe she isn’t technically my car, but I am the primary driver and the she in under my care and is my responsibility.I have to thank Jasjeet Singh Sidhu for introducing me to the world of the Polo. Thanks Jas. 🙂

But anyway, back to the review.

The Polo is a 1.2 litre car, super charged and turbo charged (whatever that means). It’s a small car, but it packs a mean punch, even though it’s only 1.2. All of the people that have been in my car never believe me when I tell them the engine capacity, especially after I “test” the car out. It’s remarkable how much power this little car packs, definitely the most powerful among its competitors in its class ( Ford Fiesta, Honda Jazz, Suzuki Swift) but also more expensive. The car is priced at about RM105 000.

What I like: She gets about 400km to RM70 (RM0.18 per km according to my fuel app), there are plenty of little compartments to put things in, drawers under the drivers seat and “shotgun” seat’ another compartment in the booth ( and not this is not where the spare tire is, the spare tire is under this compartment) which i really like, cause it helps keep the car organised. as for power, I’ve taken the car to 190kmph and it felt stable, and it picks up so damn fast, the power can actually be shocking at times. The stock speakers are pretty decent.

What I don’t like: 15inch rims, the side mirrors don’t auto fold, the stock head unit is pathetic (I got my own one), the car tends to move backwards when on a slope when not moving (but it quickly kicks into gear to counter, but it still takes some getting used to), water enters the car when you open the windows after it rains and most painful of all, when washing the car I damaged the paint by pulling up the wipers (there’s a specific way to pull it up, which includes having to press something in the car).

Overall, after 6 months of being with her, she may have her little quirks but I love her. She’s small, powerful, fun to drive, easy to park, fuel efficient & practical.

I highly recommend this car, and if get one, don’t name her Giselle, that name’s already taken.


Straight from the Heart,

Arkay 6