6 Songs that might Get you Motivated and Pumped



Good Afternoon all, today’s piece is going to be very short. Had a very nice stay at Stay at One World Hotel, just checked out, and had a great time listening to brialliant jazz at No Black Tie last night and getting to know new people, slept at about 5am and got up at 10 for breakfasthome third favourite thing about staying at hotels. Now I’m at the Signature Starbucks in One Utama, spent the first hour here in quiet, having my holy hour and then another 30 minutes spent dreaming about life and my future; where I want it to go and all that jazz. Visualising my dreams in my head ( 30 minutes daily, alone with music that gets you dreaming or in quiet) has been helping me stay driven and helps me Keep Moving Forward.

On that note of moving forward and keeping driven, here are 6 songs that I listen to that helps me get motivated and pumped when I need a boost or in any general circumstance. These songs may not appeal to you as they do to me, I take what I want from them and ignore the rest.

1. Eminem‘s Till I collapse.
The beginning of this song speaks volumes to me, I till get goose bumps when I listen to it, and I look back and see how far I’ve come and how much further I can still go. From thinking that I would never be able to not feel fatigued to a current state of daily exercise and energy. I’m so damn proud of my progress, and till the day I collapse I ain’t going to stop.

‘Cause sometimes you just feel tired,
Feel weak, and when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up.
But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength
And just pull that shit out of you and get that motivation to not give up
And not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse.

2. Eminem’s Lose Yourself.
Not many people like Eminem, but he has some brilliant songs above perseverance and fighting and all that. This was one of the first Eminem songs that I started listening to that made me realise how profound some of his lyrics are. This song reminds me that in life we’ve gotta take the chances and opportunities that pass us by. No one ever said life was going to be easy, but that doesn’t mean you should give up and not try, that you shouldn’t lose yourself in the music and go be that which you really want.

3. T.I. & Mary J Blige – Remember Me
Listening to this song reminds me of the fad that I want to leave a lasting legacy, who and what I want to be remembered as when I leave this world, that I want to make an impact. That I want to Make A Dent in the Universe as Steve Jobs put it.

4. T.I. & Rihanna’s Live Your Life
The title already speaks volumes and the chorus just reminds me to keep at my dreams, to keep being ambitious and that I should let the “Haters” get to me (not to be confused with constructive critiscm).

5. RDB & Ludacris‘s Shera Di Khom from Speedy Singhs.

Yeah we were always told growing up
We have to strive to be the best
Always strive to success and 2nd place is not an option
That’s what we were told
So no matter what came up in my life, I got through it
That was my motivation
Now nothing can stop us
We will never lose, never fear, overcome all and persevere
Be the best and we down to show it any place anything, we will overthrow it
We will never lose, never fear, overcome all and persevere
Be the best and we down to show it

These lyrics always pick me up when I need a kick in the ass.


At the top and I’ll never come down
Always stay focused super star bound
Always was the dopest, never got weak
Head to the sky but my ear to the street
Foot on the gas, hands on the wheel
Get on my lap coz I’m going for the kill
Drink for the nerves, smoke for the stress
But death to the haters and to hell with the rest
I don’t pay my dues, make my moves
Blow a hundred thousand, walk a day in my shoes
Long time coming, long time gone
10 years been but I’m 10 men strong
Never gave up, I just won’t lose
So many hits but I just won’t bruise
Rappers just dying n I put them out the misery
Its Ludacris and I came to make history
– Ludacris

6. Fort Minor‘s Remember the Name

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

I hope these songs help you the way they help me when I need a physical or mental pick me up.

Be sure not to overdose on them as they may lose their effectiveness, but don’t worry I’ll put a new list of 6 songs when that happens, or you could request a new 6 with a comment whenever).

Straight From The Heart








6 Things To Do to Feel Like a Champion


Good evening guys, I’ve been feeling pretty damn good over the last few days, feeling like a Champion. In this piece I’m going to talk about 6 things that you can do to feel like a champions or start your day of feeling awesome and like a champion.

Number 1

Get up off the couch and get some exercise. Get your blood pumping, get some endorphins released. I’m not asking you to go do some intense exercise, but do something, just get started and soon you’ll start looking forward to your exercise time because of feel good after effect. Start by scheduling and accomplishing two 15 minute walks a day. you’ve just got to get passed the initial barrier, get passed the Pull of Laziness, that urge to sit down on the couch and watch tv instead of breaking a sweat doing something healthy.

Number 2

Almost all of us have smart phones now, so let’s put them to good use. Set up a playlist on your music player and get the tunes pumping. Name it Good Feeling, Feeling Good or Feel Good, whatever tickles your fancy. The name isn’t important, it’s the tracks in the playlist that matter. They’ve got to be songs so get you in the right mood to go forth and conquer the day, play them in them in the morning, or whenever you’re not feeling good. Music has a way of tapping into our subconscious and our emotions, so the type of music we listen to is of the utmost importance.

Here are a couple of songs that I think are must haves on the list.

1. Michael Buble’s Feeling Good
2. Flo Rida’s Good Feeling
3. Hans Zimmer’s Zoosters Breakout from Madagascar
4. Hans Zimmer’s Molossus from Batman Begins
5. Showtek & Tiesto’s Hell Yeah! (this is probably going to be very much dependent on you)

Or put in music that triggers happy memories. For me, whenever I listen to Linkin Park, I’m reminded of the concert of their i saw when I was 12, and specific songs bring back specific feelings and emotions. Use that, tap into it, hack your brain.

Number 3

Spend time with some family and/or friends. I know this one is pretty obvious, but it truly is funny how so many of us don’t to it. We neglect some of the most important people in our life’s because we’re so busy being distracted (this is a topic for another post). Go do something fun with them, don’t waste time witting around doing nothing and staring at the ceiling together, yes you’re spending time but wt this juncture you’re all really not helping each others mood. Go do something new, exciting. Explore new sights within your area, your town, your city. Go play a fun board game, nothing too competitive, remember the aim is feel good champion not Winner Champion. Try out Meeples in Ss15 Subang or Kota Damansara. AS MUCH AS ALL THIS IS FUN AND WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD, MAKE SURE IT’S IN BALANCE. DON’T DO EXTREMES.

Number 4

Start having a Holy Hour, or if you already have one, don’t neglect it. No this isn’t something spiritual or religious, it’s just something I learnt from reading Robin Sharma’s book. Take an hour for yourself everyday, either first thing in the morning or just before you go to bed. Use this hours for you, replenish your spirit. Within this hour, spend sometime listening to the good feeling playlist, spend some time reading, spend some time journaling and writing, spend some time dreaming and spend some time on your goals and assessing how far you’ve come and how far you’ve got to go. Look into yourself, think about what you can do better and how far you’ve come, look back and smile just don’t get stuck looking back.

Number 5

Create a photo album, call it whatever you want or you could just use the same name as your iTunes (Music) playlist. This album will be a collection of your happiest moments, the times you felt great. The times you felt most at peace, whatever make you feel happy. Look through them when you feel down, if you want look through them while listening to your feel good playlist. Make sure you set a specific amount of time because you don’t want to get caught trying to relive those memories in your head, you don’t want to spend 3 hours looking through them. Spend 15 minutes every few days, or use a few minutes of your Holy Hour. Don’t put in anything they brings back negative or emo memories, this isn’t an emo session, it’s a FEEL GOOD session.

Number 6

watch something funny, I don’t know whether I should be encouraging this because we tend to go overboard with this. My all-time favourite is Friends, I can watch Friend over and over wishing and still laugh my heart out. Comedies are about 24 minutes, so stick to one episode, 2 AT THE VERY MOST. I know it feels good to watch more, but what you’re really doing is wasting time and distracting yourself if you overdose ( more than 2 episodes daily). Have a selection of your fan courier episodes and pick one to watch when you’re feeling low. For that one episode, put everything away, your books, your phone and just focus on the show and enjoy it. Enjoy every second of it. Laughter is the best way to counter low moods, follow this with exercise and then the other things live listed and you’ve got yourself a Champion start to the today, or at least for me it’s so. Remember to always put yourself on the clock when it comes to tv, I generally believe that we shouldn’t exceed more then an hour of tv a day, it not easy at first but it will get easier over time.

These are the things I use, helpfully they are beneficial to you and that you feel the same way.

Straight From The Heart

Moving on


Sometimes the cards we are dealt are not always fair. However you must keep smiling & moving on
Tom Jackson

Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.
Dave Mustaine

Moving on, so easy to talk about it but not so easy to actually do it, but it is an integral part of growing up and and growing into the best version of yourself.

Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting, it means being able to close a chapter or your life, whether it’s a mistake or a loss, and get on with the next phase. It means getting to the next step without holding back, without holding on to what was once and move towards what could be.

It means having the courage to face the world, to get out of your safe zone after the shit has hit the fan. To be able to say, “yea, I screwed up, but i’m not going to give up.”

“What don’t kill me can only make me stronger”

Is hard to move on, to let go of that that was once so sweet but then turned bitter, to let go of memories of great times, but if we decide to stay and hide amongst those good memories past, we will never be able to carve out memories.

As difficult as it is to move on from a rough patch, or mistake or bad phase or our lives, it’s even harder to move on from “reliving” the “Glory Days”. Being trapped in a vicious cycle of replaying a part of your life that was so great, it is living in a little comfortable dream and not letting yourself live what could be even better life. Living in an illusion that those were the best days and that you won’t get better ones, but how do you know you won’t get better days? Especially if you’re too busy watching replays and not out there trying to live life the best you can.

I’m not saying that you should forget shut the good old days, or forget about the bad times and mistakes; remember them, talk about them, reminisce, but don’t let it hold you back. It is all those parts that build who we become, learn from them, gain from them, appreciate the experience but don’t live your life wishing you had done things different, spending your days reliving good memories instead of making new ones, letting bad memories haunt you instead of learning from them.

Have a great day,

John Reynolds: Tommy, that’s a hundred thousand dollars on a goddam golf swing!

Thomas Crown: It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, John… What the hell else have we got to do?

Straight from the Heart,

Arkay 6

Keep Moving Forward