Those You Love The Most Can Hurt You The Worst.

Good afternoon everyone, sorry about yesterday, but let’s get back on track shall we.

So today I’m feeling better than yesterday, that’s for damn sure, but still not feeling how I felt 2 weeks back, but I’ll get back to it. Right now, I’m going to enjoy my de-caf Café Mocha at the cafe of one of my favourite brands and blog.

My best friends sent me a message this morning;

“Always remember, that the people who love you the most, will hurt you the most.” – – Captain Murdock

And it got me thinking, why? Why do the people who love you the most hurt you the most… Then I figured it out… It’s not about the people who love you the most, it’s about the people that you love the most. Personally I find that the words of the people I love have more weight than the people I don’t love. Their words have more power than the words of others. What they think of me matters more than what others think of me.

Like if my dad told me that I couldn’t get a job ever, that would hurt so much more than if a normal friend told me that, and even less if it was a stranger. Because I want my dad to look at me and think, “hey, that’s someone I can be proud off.” i don’t care nearly as much of what others say compared to the words of the people I care about my family, my A-team, my inner circle and my great friends.


And I think this relates to a lot of us. We want these people to be supportive of us, to not be angry at us, to be proud of us, to respect us, to love us. They have such an extraordinary impact on our lives, on my life.


Last year there was a little misunderstanding that involved my best friend, another friend and myself. It hurt me more that my best friend shouted at me, I really didn’t care (at the moment) about the other guy. I was hurt because I had obviously pissed my best friend off and I didn’t know what I did, his words did more damage simply because he was closer to me.

I really don’t know how to explain it right, but I think you guys get what I’m trying to say, or at least I hope you are.

The people who are closest to you have the power to do the most damage to you, mentally and emotionally.

As I wrote this I can’t help but think of one Don Vito Corleone’s lines, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” why I’m I thinking about this line? I really don’t know….
I understand what he’s referring to, but why is my mind trying to link this line with my main blog idea?


I digress, so if there’s anything you take away from today’s piece is that, being loved by someone means that your words have more power, be more responsible with them. Use them to encourage rather than put down, use them to help grow rather than belittle, whether you are a parent, sibling or best friend, watch what you say…. I should watch what I say…. I’m an elder brother, and i guess I haven’t been the best one… Yesterday kind of pointed that out.

I’m not saying don’t be honest, I’m just saying be careful with the words you use. There are great ways of telling the truth without hurting the person involved.

So remember what Uncle Ben said;

With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Straight From The Heart


5 thoughts on “Those You Love The Most Can Hurt You The Worst.

  1. you hit the nail on the head. when people mean more to you everything they say or do has a deeper impact. when people trust you they are making themselves vulnerable and you should never take that for granted.

    btw i couldnt help but notice you spelled Murdock wrong, your friend is probably not going to be too happy about that. have an awesome weekend!

  2. It’s because you love them most that they have the POWER to hurt you most. Yes, like you said, it’s because what they say matters to you. But people that love you back, will feel very bad that they hurt you and will try to make up for it. In their own way. Yes?

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