Saturday Morning Refelctions



Good Morning everyone, I apologise for not being consistent this week, I got distracted and was waking up late and all that jazz. I’m sorry.

It’s the end of another week, and it’s been a good week for friendships but not so good a weeks for my productivity and wallet. I spent way too much money this week, and let my discipline slip. I’m going to e track on track and start waking upon early again. The last week was filled with birthday celebrations and friendships, and I have no regrets about that. I should have just managed my time more wisely. And I have already had my break, it’s time to get back business and run straight at the things I’ve been avoiding.

Sorting some uni stuff.
Waking up at 6am
Eating good.
Having that talk I’ve been thinking about.

I’m actually feeling quite messed up, just watched this movie called Project X and honestly, I didn’t like it, it was fun for a while but then… Anyway, the movie got me thinking about the things that are bothering me, hence the messed up feeling inside, I’m not upset or anything, I just feel messy. Was thinking about the things and people that have been frustrating me, and it is time to address those issues.

I haven’t slept yet, we spent the night celebrating the birthday of a very dear friend of mines. My sister cooked chicken curry, my mum made prathas, my brother baked the cake, another friend brought some good wine, another guy distracted the birthday boy and I bought the balloons, decorated and organised. #win. Hahaha.

So anyway, I’m feeling good now, birds chirping, the sun’s rising, I’m blogging. I can feel the mess becoming less messy. Feeling lighter. Feeling less cluttered. Feeling hopeful and positive that tomorrow will be the start of an awesome week and tang today will be the day I readjust myself. Looking forward to having a Café Mocha at Starbucks. And maybe go for a swim in the evening. Going to finish my current book by Monday night.

Anyway, good night and Good Morning folks, I’m gonna head to bed,everyone one else has either left or is already sleeping. I’m really happy that I decided to get this done before sleeping. I’ll add some more photos later.

Hope you enjoyed my reflection for the week.

Straight From The Heart



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