Sunday Morning Reflections


Good Morning readers, How are you feeling today? Sunday is day of such mixed feelings. You’re happy to have the day off yet, you know that tomorrow is the start of another work week. I guess all you can really do is enjoy this beautiful Sunday and worry about work tomorrow.

And this is partly why i have moved the Reflections blog from Saturday to Sunday, because Sunday it the the baton is passed from the week before to the week to come, it is the transition day into a new week, hence why I thought Sunday would be a better day to reflect, not just on the week before, not just on the week to come, but also to reflect in general, because I just don’t do enough of that.

So coming to you live from Starbucks Jaya One, (which was coincidently
launched on my birthday a few years back) I bring you the debut of Sunday Morning Reflections. Enjoy.


It’s quite ironic (not sure if I’m using the word correctly) that as I write this, I’m actually staring at my own reflection in the iPad. The one thing we all know is that life isn’t easy, it isn’t straight forward. There are plenty of ups and downs and your outlook on life really depends on how you want to look at it, it’s really quite up to you.
I spent a huge chunk of last week recovering from the festivities of my cousins wedding, as I mentioned in a previous post, it was tiring, dramatic, stressful, a helluva lot of fun and worth it. Even as I woke up the first few mornings of the week in pain, muscles aching and tired as hell, I never once regretted doing what I did at the wedding, which was dancing like a god damn mad man. Nothing in life is free, and I knew that all that fun and dancing would have its price. Yea sure,the wedding took 3/4 days away from me, but at the end of the day:


On that note, what I realised a while back, that it’s not about the number of friends you have but the quality of the friends you have. Now I’m not saying to stop making friends or close yourself of from the social world, but too make sure you know who your best friends are, because these will be the guys and girls who will have your back and love you for who you are despite our flaws. Go ahead and make friends, don’t stop making friends but don’t neglect your Team, your Crew. And along the journey of life your Team may grow, who knows. Over the past 2 weeks I’ve made some new friends and I want to get to know them better, but there were also friendship that were strained and unfortunately, some that we’re lost. But that is life, there are friends who come for a reason, others for a season and the most important ones for life.

Life is going to have plenty of moments that will test you, whether it revolves around your family, your friends, your health or your work, you must have the self-belief that you can fight it, cause if you don’t, the battle has been lot even before it has started. And whether you win or lose, moving on is essential.

Straight From The Heart


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