Sunday Morning Reflections


The Third Place. The place between home and work. Surrounded by the buzz of humanity, alone yet not alone, with just the right music in the air. A nice working environment that doesn’t entirely make you feel that you’re at work. The meeting point of work and play. The casualness of home but the formality of work when needed. And of course, a nice hot beverage to keep the gears spinning.


Good Morning everyone! It’s a nice looking Sunday in PJ as I type this to you on my iPad at Starbucks, my Café Mocha just waiting. Feeling a little tired and brain a little foggy, so please pardon me of this piece isn’t up to par.

The week was quite a fun one, but it flew by, just one more week before classes start again. It was a mix of family, a little pinch of Game of Thrones strategy, a little alcohol on the side (ok maybe not a little), heart to hearts, childishness, roaming around & per hour wages.


Life is a journey, and of course along the way we grow… never do I become as aware of how much I have grown as when I am with my cousin. Whenever we are back together, we are kids again, for most of the time. Our relationship was full of idiocies, fun and other things like that, but over the past year it has matured. Our relationship has taken on a new level, one that is partially fuelled by flammable substances. We made a joke that we were now 8 year olds with access to alcohol, which does explain a part of the new dynamic, and the other part is one of mutual respect & growth. The dynamic is no longer exclusively owned by the minds of two children, but by two maturing minds trying to find a balance between childish behaviour and growing up.

In a way, I guess this exemplifies another more widespread dilemma, the fight between saving ones inner child in a world of continuous hurdles, pessimism and seriousness. Can one enjoy the little pleasures and fun as a child would as one grows up? Well, I will certainly try to. I’ve seen people who have done it, and I want to live like them. I don’t want to be a grumpy old man, or a person that is too serious. I want my journey to be fun (yes I know it won’t be all fun, I learnt that a while back), I want the fun times to be epic so that when I look back, I look at them instead of the all the hurdles. Yes I want to learn from all the falls, but I don’t want to look back at my life when I’m old and remember the hard times, sure the hard times are vital for growth but they aren’t the first things you want to rethink about when you reminisce. But maybe, that’s just me.


The week has been good, could have been more productive but overall I’m happy with it. Just want the coming week to be filled with earlier mornings, less fatigue, more swimming, better sleep, about 16 hours at Machines, laughter, fun & more awesome memories…. maybe a road trip?

Straight From The Heart



2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Reflections

  1. Dear Roshan, the feeling of a younger personality in an older body never wanes with time. I have a wonderful group of friends who have been with me from my secondary school days at Assunta. We are all in our 50s, with grown children and yet when we get together, I feel 17 again…yes, a 17-year old mum with a 20-year old sons. No pretenses, no outdoing of one another…just sharing of good moments and bad…garnering strength from one another…and reaffirmation from the people who have seen us in the worst possible light, that we still have what it takes! As you grow older, you will believe, more and more, that there can never be any substitute for family and friends. I like your piece – it is definitely straight from the heart!

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