Sunday Morning Reflections


Good Afternoon guys, got anything planned for today?

I got up at 5:30′ had my holy hour, had a few (actually more than a few) laughs watching Friends, took a 2 hour nap, did some errands, had lunch (which my sister cooked), cleaned up and now I’m here at Starbucks with my, you guess it right, my Café Mocha.

It’s been a good week, a week of picking up the pace, a week of recollecting my focus & a week of realisation, realising that I was going off track.

Restarting the practice of waking up early was not easy, it took a lot of will to beat the desire to just jump back under the covers, but when i did, I found a sense of satisfaction in my ability to do it. It made me feel a lot better, made me feel like my days were more productive. There’s just something about getting up early that makes me feel like I’ve started the day like a champion.

“leadership is shown by the human being who fights the urge to stay under the covers on cold day and throws on his/her running shoes to pound the pavement. Not because running miles on a forty morning is fun. But because it’s wise.” Robin Sharma

Over the next week I’m going to need to add more reading to my days, as well as injecting some exercise into my days.

Going back to the week that is just ending, there was fun involved but more importantly, there was the need to step up and start helping around the house. It’s not easy, not something I could just get used to instantly after having never to worry about this sort of thing to needing to do wash my own clothes and all that jazz, but you know what, i like it. It’s giving me a better sense of independence. I like being more in control of life, from the cleanliness of my room to the washing of my clothes to looking after the dogs. To just get this out of the way, yes I have lived a very comfortable life, chores were never part of my life, judge me if you will, All said and done, I think I’ve turn out pretty alright, so far.

So, on a whole, this week has not only been about taking back control and responsibility that I was letting slip out of my hand, but also taking on more. It’s giving me a bigger sense personal growth.

So on to the next week, getting back to class this week and also keeping my part time job. I’ve set a certain number of hours of work I’d like to reach each week and also a certain number of hours to review my uni work, so let’s see whether I achieve it this week. Alongside waking up early, exercising & reading daily. By achieving these goals over the next week, I’ll be on track to reliving the 6 great weeks I had at the beginning of my second coming and hopefully, take it to 8-10 weeks.

Straight From The Heart


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