Sunday Reflections: Keeping the Pace & Exploring


Greetings from Penang, it’s been a really good week for me. Full of new sights, old sounds, progress and consistency. I’m now at the Starbucks at Straits Quay, and as a regular Starbucks patron, I am very happy to say that the Starbucks at Gurney Tower and here have passed my inspection. This one is a little more busy than the one at Gurney Tower but both are much better than the Starbucks at Queensbay Mall, not the one in borders, the standalone.

Continuing on from the week before, my exercise has been at the core of this new resurgence in my recovery and journey. Starting the day of with an hour walk with some jogging has had an amazing impact in my life as I gave mentioned in precious posts, but apart from that, I’ve also become more keen on exploring, tying out new things and that jazz. I’ve seen more Penang in Teh last 3 days than I have in the last 22 years, and it’s not the fault of the people around me, but the fact that I wasn’t interested. I couldn’t be bothered, but I tell you this, it has been amazing. Paired with my new habit of taking an ungodly amount of pictures, it been a great trip. The thing I’ve realised is, that because I know like taking pictures, I’m nothing more details. I’m eagerly looking around, and absorbing the beauty around me, whether it’s natural beauty or man-made, whether it’s old street cafes or Starbucks, I’m noticing a lot, and this has added even more colour to my life.

Over the last week I only had two mornings without exercise, one because I was in a rush to catch my flight here and the other because I let go a little, and I spent the whole day (yesterday) in lethargy, the only good thing being that I blogged and spent some time with my family here. Other than that I wasted with a number of hours. Exercise is key to living a great life. I want what Robin Sharma calls, World-Class Physical Fitness; and to me that means no more than 15% body fat, my visceral fat at 5,a good cholesterol level, 85kg and being able to run 10K in not more than an hour, at least that’s what I’ve thought of for now. I want to achieve this by 31st December 2013, giving myself 16 months.

The last week has been great, now time to see how I can make the coming one better.

First off I need to start focusing more academically. Putting in more hours studying, at least an hour a day for class days and at least 90 minutes on non-class days; whether it’s reading the text book, making notes or doing assignments.

Second, I need to schedule more time with family.

Third, I need to get my hour of reading done each day.

These are the three new goals to incorporate into the coming week, with me luck. I’m confident I’ll get it assimilated well, as long as I keep having my morning walks.

Straight from the Heart

Below are some of my Penang pics, if you want to see more check out my Flickr site, should be somewhere on the right side of this page.


Check out my Flickr account, also under the name Arkay’s Thoughts.


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