Better Than Yesterday, Always.


Sitting in my favourite spot, at my favourite Starbucks with my Caffe Latte, just took a whiff of the scent, what a smell. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the smell of coffee in the morning, not just any cup of coffee, a good coffee. I love it very much, it makes my day feel better, and today it’s made a good morning even better. The simplicity of it, the mere fact that a smell can make one feel better and happy. Just amazing.


I’ve got a simple idea for you today, Make Today’s Work Better Than Yesterday’s . Got this idea from one of my mentors, Mr. Robin Sharma.

Have you ever wanted to get things done and feel productive, but didn’t know how to start or just “couldn’t start”? Well this strategy is brilliant for building momentum to get you going, and it’s jut so simple. Whatever you did yesterday that you deem productive, make it better today or for those things that you deem unproductive, make today better by reducing them. I use this strategy whenever I crash or fall sick and need to get back to productivity and my ideal days.

What I do normally is I watch less tv than the day before, get up earlier than the day before (until I reach my ideal/goal wake up time), sleep earlier than the day before (again until I achieve my ideal point and then stay there), read more, study more and exercise more. I do each progressively until I achieve my Ideal Parameters. To give you a better picture, here are some of my Ideal Parameters: wake up at 6am, sleep at 10:30pm, exercise twice a day totalling a minimum of 1hr, read 50 pages daily at minimum, study for 90 minutes at a go and tv & Xbox at max 1hr. Over the past few days I’ve made great progress with regards to my waking up, sleeping, reading, tv & Xbox and exercise. Unfortunately I haven’t made much headway with the studying but ill get there, one day at a time, as long as I keep improving daily. I find this the best way to get back on track and rebuild any momentum lost, or even rebuild momentum from the ground.

Now, lets say that you’ve achieved and running consistently at your Ideal Parameters, use the above statement to work on other parts, don’t stop but don’t let it cost your Ideal Parameters because, well at least for me, the Ideal Parameters help keep me going, they make sure I’m taking care of myself, that I’m doing the basics so that i can go on to do other things. Never sacrifice, at least for prolonged periods, your Ideal Parameters, because it is that that is helping you Keep Moving Forward.

So go ahead, make today better than yesterday, NOW. don’t wait for tomorrow to start, get started now, and make sure you’re doing it inline with Your Personal Productivity (ill talk about this in a future post).

Straight From The Heart


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