So, my 11th day running at @artisancoffee 😬

“A goal without a plan is just wish.” – Anotine de Saint #Exupery

Anyway, the quote above is another one that hits close to home.

I used to make wishes, not have goals. Use to have dreams, without steps, that of course failed to materialized because I wished them to happen, I didn’t act to make them happen.

Now that I’ve taken my planning more seriously, now that I’ve built a better system, I see faster & better results than before.

Plans aren’t 100%, that’s true, but on the same note as yesterday, whenever a plan fails, I look to rebuild it taking into account the factors that lead to the failure, improving it and then trying again. And I’ll repeat it as necessary.

I’ve been building a new system over the last few months that has so far produced results with my health; the academic phase will kick in next march and my writing/blogging phase will kick off in either December or Jan. These systems provide structure for my plans which in turn help me reach my goals.

So yea, remember when shit happens and things fall apart, even when it’s no fault of your own, only you can decide whether you wanna remain stagnant or #KMF.

Keep Moving Forward

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