Yes, I am back at Artisan Roast HQ for a 10th day running 😬✌️❤️

“The only people who never fail are those who never try.” #IlkaChase


Another quote that i relate to greatly. A lack of failure is not success, yes we want to minimize our falls but making #mistakes and suffering #failures are inevitable in our journey. They help define who we are; whether we let the fall break us or learn from it and grow stronger, faster, better. I’m on a pretty good run for now, healthy wise, #fibrofighting, but I didn’t get here overnight. I failed time and time again, saw my systems fail me, felt my mind fog out and my body shut down, so I rested up but didn’t stay down, I rebuilt the system, improved it, adapted and kept moving forward. Every fall has provided me invaluable insight; how much I can take now, how much further I should push next time & what I need to change.

Keep Moving Forward

#livestrong #fibroVme #fibrofighter #arkaysqotd #arkaysyhoughts #artisanroasthq #artisanhq #coffeecultureMY


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