Fighting Demons that Never Quit: Doubt, Worry, Fear & Paralysis


Dad sent me this an hour ago.

It’s been a tough few days mentally. Fighting demons that never quit.

Fear of Failure.
Whenever I start feeling better I become my own worst enemy. I start expecting way more of myself, putting pressure when I should be focusing on majoring the formula that got me feeling better. Instead I pile on mental stress that leads to the doubts, worries & fear; the essential ingredients to the #DarkSide.
All because I start getting anxious at how far “behind” I am to other people my age; How far my health has detracted me from me peers.
It’s times like these that I just need to trigger the circuit breaker and reboot the system, focus on what’s at hand and not expect too much of myself in the short run, but to look to the long term, see what Iwant in 2-3 years and reflect that in my days leading to that.

I’ve really got to learn to stop rushing my progress, nothing good has ever come from me rushing.
#arkay2014 #arkaysthoughts #fibromyalgia #fibrolife

here’s hoping I Keep Moving Forward.



One thought on “Fighting Demons that Never Quit: Doubt, Worry, Fear & Paralysis

  1. Remember Roshan : “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it’s because he hears a drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, no matter how far or measured. ”

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